May 11, 2007

Display Technology of the Future

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You may think that LCD and Plasma is the current and future technology, which is going to stay for another decade. You may be wrong! Introducing some new display technology available at CEATEC Japan 2006/2007 Electronics Show:

  • Sony Ultrathin OLED Display
  • Touchless Touchscreen Display
  • Laser Television Display
  • Toshiba Interactive 3D Display
  • Mitsubishi Diamond Touch Display
  • Sharp Two-Way LCD Display
  • Perceptive Pixel Multi-Touch Display

Sony Ultrathin OLED Display

The world thinnest OLED display (3mm thick), featuring 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 1080p, and 1920 x 1080 native resolution. One of the finest product.

Touchless Touchscreen Display

The Touchless Touchscreen Display is a touchscreen monitor that requires no touching! Since you does not need to touch it, no thumb prints will leave behind and can be a hassle to remove them.

Laser Television Display

It has been announce that Laser Television Display will be coming out this Christmas 2007. It projects images much faster than the current LCD or CRT display, 3/4 less power consumption, and with richer colours! It is also cheaper and easier to produce as well. Click here for more info.

Toshiba Interactive 3D Display

The Mitsubishi Diamond Touch Display is interactive and have realistic 3D look. It can detect objects and interact with users like the Penguins Gunners in the above YouTube video! Amazing.

Mitsubishi Diamond Touch Display (showing Warcraft 3)

The Mitsubishi Diamond Touch Display is quite impressive, it have audio sensors that can detect human voice commands. Current touchscreen still does not have this feature yet.

Sharp Two-Way LCD Display

This is brilliant, two different channels viewable on left and right perspective view. In the future, two person sitting in one sofa can watch different channels that is playing at the same time.

Perceptive Pixel Multi-Touch Display

What a revolutionary display set, I can imagine myself playing Supreme Commander with that. Pointing on the screens, drawing shapes and gestures which is picked up by motion sensors to open menus.


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