May 13, 2007

Onion Head Pics & Emoticons!

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If you like using emoticons for msn or yahoo messenger, you will surely love these funny looking emoticons and display pics from Onion Club. All of the emoticons are animated at 50×50 pixels while display pics at 130×130 pixels. There are nearly 160+ emoticons and display pics available there!

Onion Head Poster

Some of the Display Pics (130×130):

Onion Display PicOnion Display PicOnion Display Pic
Onion Display PicOnion Display PicOnion Display Pic
Click here for link.

Some of the animated Emoticons (50×50):

Onion EmoticonOnion EmoticonOnion EmoticonOnion EmoticonOnion EmoticonOnion EmoticonOnion EmoticonOnion EmoticonOnion Emoticon
Click here for link.

Note: It’s a chinese website, you can use Babel Fish Translation.

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  1. Thredith said,

    Yay!, that’s some cool info!. Onion Head RULES!!

  2. Aerith said,

    i agreee they r the best emoticons they roks ur wurld

  3. Bertin said,

    Gracias, muy buenos emoticones.

  4. Rizma said,

    Onion Head is so cute, I even give my friends their own Onion Head character representing themselves,, :lol:

  5. Angie said,

    they’re so freaking CUTE!! xD most of my friends are obsessed with them LOL


  6. Sinz3r3N said,

    Er.. Thanks for your cute onion head picutres.. Do you have a bigger onion head ecomotion pics? I very need it. If got some new pictures can tell me? ^_^

  7. Tan Poh Joo said,

    i like onion head so much i have to onion head soft toy.My friend Wung ming like i give it to her.

  8. Puttanna ladra said,

    i Love the onion

  9. Puttanna ladra said,

    viva la figa

  10. זהרא said,

    Thanks a lot for the nice emticons

    I loved it verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much

  11. Sora said,


  12. arlie said,

    i’ve been seeking this pretty thing for long… and i finally find it… thanks so much!!! i do have some avatars… kinda different of emoticons… if someone needs it… send me an e mail and ill send u the zip back!! take care u guys!! !bye!!!

  13. Vidzy said,

    Hi can i ask where u get the pic of the Captured onion head picture? i wanna use it as a signature but can’t seems to find it on the onion head club website and i can’t link from ur blog =(

  14. Tina said,

    they are so CUTE!!!!!!!

  15. malina said,


  16. Christabel said,

    omg!!! the onion head pic is soo-o-o-o-o-o-o cute!!

  17. jenny said,

    woot woot onion head is suppa cute man i love those japs they always draw CUTE<3 things awww gotts love em

  18. Meg said,

    I like them ALOT. My friends do as well. Pretty much all of them have some sort of Onion Head picture on their computer.

  19. ChibiEmiAlvi said,

    OMG… I know the Onion Head was cute, but the pictures ROCKZZZZZ!!!! *-*

    Thanx for the pictures, coco! n_n

    See ya
    P/D: I’m argentinian, so sorry for my poor english

  20. Chiaki said,

    Onions are Love! XD

  21. yazmin said,

    estan bkn

  22. Karen said,

    whoot whoott.. GO ONION HEADS!!! :P did ya noe theres a girl onion head.. a female and a male..

  23. Marivi said,

    omG!! *-*
    onion club!! *whee* Onion Head Rocckkkkkksss!! and yeah.. karen is right! there’s a girl onion head too <3

  24. christian said,

    Now there is the official english website :

  25. L.O. said,

    these are sooooooo cuteeee >.< i luv this there awesome!!!!

  26. yay! thanks for the onion~ *hap hap*

  27. Sasuto said,


  28. Kataru said,

    i love onion heads!!! my friend will be so jelous ‘cuz she started onions head and i stole the idea from her ^^;

  29. Kataru said,

    ya it me again!! onion heads are so cute! $_$ SO CUTE… (no!! im not CRAZY just luv… onion heads!)

  30. Onion Head Fanatic said,


    More please please please!

    I Luv Onion Head! Yay!

  31. Mgccl said,

    hehe, no problem. Everyone thought it was a cat.
    Until they saw the name of the character’s name… Cong Bao, or Onion Baby.
    I made a page that shows all onion smilies
    I updates them when ever a new onion smiley come out. To download them all, simply save as the page in your browser, all the images should be in a folder with the same name as the html file.
    so finally people don’t have to go though the entire onion club blog and right click save as for each one.

  32. ERIC said,

    i have been finding this onion head a very long time i love onion head

  33. Christina said,

    i really like it! they’re so cute!! where did u get the onion head cursor??? i really want it!

  34. girlnihon said,

    Thanks you ~

    :3 i love Onion!

  35. Jasmin said,

    How do u go onto the onion head ones? Plz help

  36. Liz said,

    tQ <3 i love yu so much for these emoticons xP

    i love onion soo much ;3

  37. Acidrain said,

    umm…are those ALL the onion head emoticons?

  38. Aah, I’ve been looking for this emoticon~

    Thank you for the information~ :D

  39. eseshamham said,

    i duno how to go onto the onion head o D: sry ><“

  40. HS said,

    They look Japanese to me. Anyway why onions?

  41. Jo Lina said,

    I absolute adore the onion heads. All my friends have them on their computers too and so do I! Q. – I was wondering if theres any new things about the onion heads, I hope you can send them to me so I can share them with all my friends!!

  42. Dante said,

    I wonder who made these great pics???

  43. suppa head said,

    […] they always draw CUTE&lt3 things awww gotts love em. Meg said,. November 19, 2007 at 10:25 am … Edgewood Club: SwimmingThe Edgewood Club is a social, athletic, and cultural center founded in […]

  44. erika said,

    I’m looking for onion head cursors…

    Does anybody know where we can get ’em?

  45. luckystar070 said,

    Hi I would like to know if these onionhead emoticons can be used for yahoo messenger because when I downloaded them into the WinRaR Zip thing, I didn’t know what to do next to put them into my yahoo messenger. Does anybody know?

  46. Jimmy said,

    I have a question.
    Is is onion or cat?
    It looks like CAT!!
    I really want to know it.

  47. Cool_Nemy said,

    Jimmy they’re onions! ^^ In fact, their names’ Onion Heads! ^^
    Did some1 find the cursors? I can’t find them!!
    If sum1 of u finds them, plz let me know! MSN & MAIL:

    luckystar070 I think that, as for MSN Messenger, you can add them to Yahoo Messenger simply opening a random chat, clicking on the first smiley, selecting Other or Add… or also Create…

    MSN & MAIL:

  48. Tivara said,

    hi i think your emoticons are the best i wish i ahve all of your emoticons

  49. Jaclyn said,

    So Cute ~ I love It…

  50. Kasi said,

    Aww! Onion rulez FTW!!

  51. Patto said,


  52. Tristan said,

    Very cute!!! funny!!! lol

  53. Rryn said,

    lol ahaha hmm

    u got a fine collection here ^^
    but der is alot mor den dat !! like alot !!

    lol but theres a few i havnt seen before in ur collection

  54. Irene said,

    SO cute and some are funny. LOL

  55. cRiS said,

    yehey!onion rules!\m/…(–,)

  56. joule said,


    i like to put it on my web blog.



  57. Gwyneth said,


  58. Hola said,

    Hola…!!! ¿donde puedo conceguir mas emoticones?.. aunque tengo mucho, ahun quiero mas XD T_T =) =D :D =(….!!!

  59. ard said,

    i like these!

  60. kews said,

    how can i use this for my yahoo messenger? tnx

  61. japblue9 said,

    Thanks for posting some! hehe there really cute, my friend gave me heaps of those onion head icons and I use them all the time :)

  62. thexwarrior said,

    Nice info…. :) thanks…

  63. Zefiro said,

    Hi everyone,
    I saw the onionhead cursor on the main web page. I was wondering if anyone know where to get a similar one.

  64. jackie said,

    how do u make the onions head smaller so i can put it on my aim as a icon lols may im the answer to =P thx again

  65. GOOON said,


  66. Kaye said,

    if this question is asked :
    What is the cutest and the most popular emoticons in MSN? everyone will surely say!! ONION HEADS! CUTE! CUDDLY!! i heard that you can buy them..where? i want them!!!!

  67. Nj said,

    ///////////// ONION HEADS ARE COOL!! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\

  68. H9 said,

    hello..can someone tell where i can download those onion head emoticons?? Please..i love it..they r cute..hehehehe

  69. edwar said,

    thanks for the information!! and please allow me to references or gives credits your blog in my post… thanks a lot, this is realy help me out

  70. […] *credits: Cococokie’s Jar […]

  71. hshin said,

    The Japanese emoticons are way more creative. These are just lame Chinese copies with no manga or anime series to back them up.

  72. hiba said,

    head onions and cute monkeys are the best emoticons ever
    i loooove them

  73. Pingu said,

    Brazil was here :)
    And we love the onion

  74. Amy said,

    ONION HEADS ARE SO DAMN CUTE!!! even my class is starting to like them cuz they’re so dame cute!!! xp

  75. Minimaus said,

    ONION HEADS ONION HEADS ONION HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    who actually doesnt luuuuuuuvv dem!! dey r SOOOOOOO kwl & cute!!!!!!

  76. Onion Head Lover^_^ said,

    I just L-O-V-E onion heads!!! I want dem ALL!!!! if u get any more can u plwweaass send 2 me!! P-L-E-A-S-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM BEGGING RITE NOW!!

  77. Justin said,


  78. Didoy said,

    ikutan ngelink unionnya ya….:D

  79. Mandy said,

    I wish to know how to set the onion head sursor to my computer. Cos everytime i reboots my computer the setting going back to normal cursor.PLEASE HELP………

  80. sayu-chan said,

    do you huys know who created onion?

  81. Chris said,

    This onion is so cute! =.=”

  82. Senri =] said,


    (jeez I sound like a girl now o.O”)



  83. youvinmee said,

    i like onion head’ …. its too cute!

  84. Yuki said,

    I love onion emoticons so much!! ahh! thank God it’s made! xD TNX for the maker of this onion head emoticons~! xD

  85. Kippy said,

    wow! never knew ppl were so crazy abt this. my friends call me onion head coz of my haircut and it’s only now tat i know tat these lil “character thing”s r called onion heads!!!

  86. Mardiono said,


  87. alluka said,

    I agree xD love those emoticons hehe, saya gamitin dahil sa pagkaka anime expression ng mga onion heads

  88. ShinseiSetsuna said,

    Muito Obrigado ^_^
    Gracias ~_~
    Thanks a lot ^_^
    Domou Arigatou ~_~
    * Eternal Life to Onion *

  89. Hinata said,

    Heyy!! XD i have a question! how do u get the emotions for msn for the onion heads??

  90. […] tại đây mình cũng có thể tìm thấy nhiều bộ biểu tượng vui khác, giờ ai đó chỉ việc gom lại cho tiện thôi […]

  91. Layzie said,

    wow there really cute emotions

  92. urvam said,


  93. Li said,

    OMG ONIONS “cries” YOU GUYZ, LYK, TOTALLY ROCK MAN! *switch off caps* I love these emoticons, they’re so cute! ^^

  94. mai said,

    best emoticons ever iam looking for it from 100 year thanx alot

  95. Brixter said,

    For those who are looking for this emoticons, it’s in here:

    You have to register to download.

  96. TriiFooRtasStiicC said,

    Oinion head rulea!

  97. starstruck said,

    Hey wow. Emoticons perfect. Thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  99. I LOVE ONION said,


  100. Mark said,

    Great post! I need to save this and go through them all! I also gotta make a post about Onion head emoticons on my blog. Wow u got a lot of readers btw, I’m so jealous. T_T

  101. alit said,

    onion head is cool, please tell me how i can add it into yahoo messenger??

  102. okkkkkkkkkkk thennnn!!

  103. John Powers said,

    That was pretty cool.
    Thanks for sharing.

    … have you seen this video with a guy that has an Emoticon for a head? It’s called Emo Joe, and I just can’t stop watching it.

  104. Kazueila said,

    Thanks for sharing~

  105. Thiese are some really cute collections of images. I love these!!

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