June 16, 2007

How to Remove Startup Entries from MSConfig

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Do you have obsolete startup entries that flood your MSConfig list? Did you know you can remove them through your registry? Here is how, 9 steps to remove unused entries…


Note: This is for Windows XP only.

  1. Open your msconfig (you type “msconfig” in your Run from your start menu)
  2. Switch to “Startup or services tab”
  3. Uncheck the services or startup programs to stop it from running on windows startup
  4. Open your registry editor (you type “regedit” in your Run from your start menu)
  5. Select “My Computer”under the list in Registry Editor
  6. Select Edit > Find (or Ctrl+F)
  7. Check on “Keys” while unchecking everything else, and hit Enter to search for “msconfig
  8. When done searching, it will bring you to this directory in the Registry Editor (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig)
    Note: Only unchecked entries will appear in startupfolder/startupreg/services.
  9. Delete those folders under startupfolder/startupreg, or services.
  10. You are done!
    Note: Unchecked entries were deleted.


  1. Mark said,

    Thanks so much. I’ve been looking to delete all of my obsolete entries for a while now!

  2. Sachin said,

    Windows defender is a great option. :)

  3. Malc said,

    I note that to remove items from the services list, you must close msconfig before deleting the registry entries, or they will return! Otherwise, very successful!

  4. Squishi said,

    ooheee! That’s awesome :)

  5. shaan said,

    That was really helpful..thanks a lot…

  6. Tunne said,

    thanks tullapaaaaaaaaa :-)

  7. Ebuoe said,

    Thanks a ton mate! God Bless ya.. These lil lil info does make a gr8 diff!!

  8. AzarAbu said,


  9. Zaki said,

    Thanks I was looking for this!!! I knew that it was possible to do almost anything with registry editor but dont have the much needed expertise. Thanks a lot. By the way I tried opening some of the links here … like “Registry Cleaners Exposed” but i cant open them. Most probably due to the protocol…neway ne hints as to how i can view those links??

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  11. Cathy said,


  12. Ali said,

    Thanks, it works very well

  13. Cas said,

    Thank you! Got infected by a virus and had all these startup programs lying around.

  14. Felicia said,

    Bless you! Thank you! That was SO easy and I’ve been living with the frustration literally for years!!!!! You ROCK!!

  15. zulqarnain said,

    Great TIP ma man. cheers ;)

  16. ghostloader said,

    how did you delete the catalyst system tray there was no folder for it under startupfolder/startupreg.

    • cococokie said,

      Hello ghostloader, you can try inserting the below string to RUN (WIN + R).
      Tweak the string a bit to your install directory if its not default. After you’ve done it restart your PC.
      Alternatively, you can go into the program, uncheck the the run program when computer starts related function.

      regsvr32 /U “C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\atiacmxx.dll”

  17. phil said,

    great man.. . it really helps me a lot.
    tiL, next time. feed :P

  18. Maqsood Ahmad said,

    i had a very big problem in my laptop , i tried to uncheck some item from msconfig and i wante to remove that permanently but i could’t, i find this method , it help me a lot, i m very thankful for this

  19. Michael said,

    Thanks man, keep posting these info. more power

  20. Brian said,

    This is a great guide! Thank you!

    Any chance that this will work for Win 7 too? I’ve updated myself to 7 b/c I support my wife’s, two sister’s, one brother’s, my mom’s and in-law’s two computers……and I know they’ll be running 7 oneday, so I have to get comfortable with it at some point!

  21. Michael said,

    Thank You!!!!

    Got infected with Antivir Solutions and this really helped to finish the clean up after it.

    Thanks again.


  22. registry cleaners are really very useful specially if you are encountering registry errors on your windows xp machine ‘

  23. bryan said,

    at the beginning when it says to uncheck startup programs, does this mean to uncheck all of them?

  24. Gear Knobs said,

    i really find registry cleaners very necessary to improve the system performance of a desktop PC ~.~

  25. Josh said,

    brilliant! how come i never read about it? קידום אתרים

  26. Hack2heat said,

    thnks ……. its worked

  27. Hack2heat said,

    thnks it wrkd

  28. Tvhzmppn said,

    star foot tattoo,

  29. mira02 said,

    very thank you

  30. Mark said,

    Many, many thanks for this tip. Spent a whole day trying to get rid of stubborn program. Used a deep uninstaller. Got rid of every process, every exe file, every registry key yet the stubborn thing stayed in msconfig, causing errors every startup. With your help, its now out of msconfig, hopefully for good!

  31. amila said,


  32. evelyn said,

    AT LAST!!! finally got rid of it. thank you sooooo much for your help.

  33. Do you allow guest posting on this blog?

  34. kell said,

    thank you so very much. very simple and easy to follow. the screen shots were very helpful. it worked for windows 7 too.

  35. sikander singh rajput said,

    it’s very helpful for any user. really it’s work

  36. paul spiers said,

    Okay. First of all you should not change services status from msconfig, but from services.mmc (or Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Services). Next, go to blkviper.com and you can see the default status for all services.
    forum administrator

  37. Thanks , I’ve just been looking for information about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have discovered till now. But, what concerning the bottom line? Are you sure concerning the source?

  38. Agony said,

    Thank you

  39. Thank u so much….. this helped me frm deleting a virus….

  40. Glynn said,

    This procedure does not work.

  41. sam said,

    Awesome works nice

  42. Talha Mahmood said,

    thank u boss! may God bless u

  43. adee said,

    God Bless you dear…

  44. “How to Remove Startup Entries from MSConfig Cococokies Jar” was in fact a wonderful article, can’t wait to browse a
    lot more of ur blogs. Time to waste numerous time on the net hehe.
    Thanks for your effort ,Stacia

  45. Bernd said,

    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for minecraft free download pc

  46. chanchal prajapat said,

    thank you so much . finally i have delete a virus . but still i have one query “when i open the startup in msconfig its showing so many programs but when i open the msconfig in regedit there were no any prorgam in msconfig->startupfolder” so could you tell me what is the problem behind that.

  47. […] How to Remove Startup Entries from MSConfig « Cococokie’s Jar […]

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