June 17, 2007

Firefox Add-on: Snap Links

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Introducing this new Firefox extension for Mozilla Firefox browser, Snap Links. It’s extremely useful for people who like to open multiple new tabs all at once. Very useful when you are browsing forums, and you want to open multiple thread all into new tabs all in a go!

Snap Links

  • The user selects the links by drawing a rectangle (instead of highlighting the text or moving the mouse over the link)
  • Only main links are selected by default
  • You can set to use the left, right or middle mouse button to draw the rectangle
  • Selected links will have a red border as visual aid
  • Number of links highlighted will be stated at the status bar below
  • Requires only one click to open many links with multiple tabs

Snap Links

Interface: RatingsRatingsRatingsRatingsRatings
Usefulness: RatingsRatingsRatingsRatingsRatings
Ease of use: RatingsRatingsRatingsRatingsRatings
Value: RatingsRatingsRatingsRatingsRatings

I like this extension, no more right-click > open link in new tab, for many threads in forums. The options are not complicated as well. If you accidentally opened too many tabs with Snap Links, you can install Active Stop Button extension. Active Stop Button can stop all tabs from loading instantly by right-clicking on the default stop button, default Firefox can only stop individual tab and one at a time.

Sometimes this bug occur, the status bar showed “Resize selection, Shift: All links in selection, Alt: Move selection” when you are not using Snap Links. Being unable to stop Snap Links when you Right-Click on flash objects, under Interface it gets 3 stars. Overall, Snap Links is a nicely done extension.

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