June 28, 2007

Claymore – 13

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Claymore episode 13
The Endless Gravestone – II

Clare is on the flee as quickly as possible, getting away from the psychotic Ophelia who doesn’t care about the lives of anyone. Unfortunately, it takes only a quick moment before Ophelia caught up with Clare. Out of sudden, Clare stopped her attempt to escape. Both Claymores unleashes their Yoki powers getting ready for fight but as soon as they unleashed, Clare back down and reduced her Yoki voluntarily. The battle started with clashing of swords. Apparently, Clare can sense Ophelia’s movement flow and blocked off all her attacks. Ophelia gets turned on when she met seemingly formidable opponent. Soon enough, Ophelia let loose her Rippling Sword by controlling her Yoki power in her right arm hence vibrating the sword violently like a wavy snake. While she controls her frenzied Rippling Sword, she explained that she always wanted a nickname like her other Claymores, Phantom Miria, Windcutter Flora, so she spent a lot of effort devising a unique skill of her own, the Rippling Sword.

As Clare try to block few more attacks by Ophelia and her Rippling Sword, she missed and was slashed in both shoulders and the chest. Moreover, Clare went head-on with a seemingly suicide attack but vanished, and appear unexpectedly behind Ophelia’s back. Hopelessly, Clare’s dominant right arm falls to the ground, dismembered by Ophelia in few split seconds. As Clare steps onto loose rock, she fell down the cliff and splashed into the river. Managed to barely survive, Clare crawled to the river bank with her detached arm in her jaws. Before Clare could notice Ophelia’s presence, Ophelia appeared standing on the other side of the river. Clare’s strategy to escape went in vain after all. This time Ophelia explains that Clare is an offensive type of Claymore which focus on attacking and is not that great at regenerating detached body parts unlike a defensive Claymore.

Ophelia did not wait for Clare to rejoin her arm, she went straight for the detached arm. The arm was destroyed into pieces, in a state where rejoining is no longer possible. Clare tried her best to resist while swinging her sword defectively. She suffered another blow on her back. Subsequently, her other hand was cut off as well. Feeling despair, a stranger in mantle came and interrupted. Angering Ophelia, Ophelia swings her sword at the intruder. She was stunned that the intruder was able to block off her Rippling Sword. The stranger flashes her sword, and inflicted massive damage to Ophelia. The stranger revealed herself, as the former #2 Claymore of Teresa’s time, her nickname is Flash Sword Irene. Clare was lucky to be saved this time. She went unconscious after rejoining her left hand and was brought to a cottage by Irene, to recover from her injuries.

A week passed, Clare recovered slightly however only left with her left arm. On a dusk, Clare went outside and had some conversation with Irene. Irene’s past was later talked into sense and about how she survived from Priscilla’s awakening. Irene decides to mentor Clare about her Flash Sword skill, since Clare is still determined to revenge for Teresa, regardless of being one-handed.

Ophelia was left in the storm, injured. Feeling vexed, her mind went into fury and this was when she felt a craving for human guts, she turned into an Awakened.

Screenshot of the episode

“I think i step onto a pile of feces. Oh shit!”

Ophelia is really vicious for destroying Clare’s right arm, no wonder her sword sting like snakes. Along with the blood that ooze like ssssssound of snakes. Ophie-chan is sadistic as well, does she need to kill someone for fun? Claymore is unlike Bleach, when someone is in trouble of getting killed in Bleach, someone will always pop out to rescue. I can bet 100%!! lol. This episode really kicks ass. Revealing new unique skills by someone new, Ophelia. Ah yes, the looks of Ophie-chan reminds me of Legolas from Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the elfish ears and look. And the part where Ophelia unleashed her Yoki with the purple smoke, she looked like Freeza from Dragonball Z. Final thought, don’t worry too much about the ugly one-handed Clarfie-chan now, probably Deneve may meet up with her someday and regenerate another arm for Clare. It’s just my guessing. Gimme next episode please!!

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Freeza (DBZ)

Click here to download this episode at Eclipse Production download page. (You need Bittorrent client to download)

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  1. Brian said,

    Oh, yes, I think Ophie-chan is quite the psycho…

  2. cococokie said,

    lmao. ophie-chan~! sound so cute in an irony way. hahaha…

  3. Brian said,

    haha the name is ironic given her personality but i think it works

    helen-chan is my favorite though…

    if you don’t mind, i want to add you to my blogroll. is that ok?

  4. cococokie said,

    Yeah. I’ll add you too.. Sighs, 5 more days to next episode on thursday. Brian-chan, hahaha…xD

  5. Brian said,

    I couldn’t take waiting anymore; I started reading the manga.

    It’s really good.

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