June 30, 2007

Firefox Add-on: ImageBot

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If you are looking image uploading Firefox extension for Mozilla Firefox browser, you can try ImageBot. It that allows you to upload images to ImageShack and Photobucket without the need of visiting the image hosting website. The extension also allows multiple image upload, better interface, and less waiting time for page loading, and many more.

Click on above image to view full.

  • Allows massive multiple image upload and deletion
  • Can copy URL, view, delete, upload from clipboard, re-upload particular image via context menu
  • Can be set to re-size images automatically
  • Remembers uploaded images
  • Less waiting time for page to load web layout
  • Allow server deletion of uploaded images
  • Neat Interface compare to site web layout
  • Template Editor allows you to create your own information template
  • Flexible settings (Allow ImageBot to open in tab or floating window, set row height, hide ImageBot status bar, hide ImageBot context menu, set naming convention for images uploaded from clipboard, etc)

Click on above image to view full.

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I can hardly live without this Firefox extension. It’s incredibly useful in handling bulk amount of images. Can’t imagine having to upload them one-by-one on an image hosting site. Although some offers toolbar for the Firefox which also allows multiple upload. I loathe toolbars, it clutters the browsers’ precious viewing space. Apparently, there is a bug regarding the filter search not working. Moreover, uploads are delayed until all thumbnails are loaded.

A few things that can be done to make ImageBot better, the arrangement of newer images displaying at the top rather than the bottom. To select the newest image I have to scroll down all the way. Shortcut keys for launching the upload window will be extremely useful. Most computer users are lazy, at least I am. =p

ImageBot tutorial video:

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  1. Brian said,

    omg i need to download this

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