June 30, 2007

Lovely Complex – 12

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Love Complex episode 12
Recapture Love! Improve as a Girl with Honmei Chocolate!!

After being consoled by Otani in previous episode, there seem to be some hope for Risa. Another day at school, Risa and Otani is organizing print-outs for the next self study period. Conflict occurrence for both of them is inevitable, Risa is so buried in thoughts and messed up the print-outs alignment. Thereafter, Risa and Nobuko Ishihara (Risa’s best friend) discussed about Risa’s love situation and she was reminded of the arriving St. Valentine’s day. Risa is in fear of rejection again, she’ll probably never recover from it again. Eventually, to defeat her love competitors, she had no choice but still have to give Otani chocolates for the coming special day.

After school, they went home together. Curious Risa asked Otani about receiving any chocolates for St. Valentine’s day last year. Surprisingly, Otani ask if Risa would be giving him chocolates this year. Risa turned embarrassed, at the same time, Otani recalls many presents by her so he wish to return the favour next time.

Risa pass over a shop displaying some valentine gifts, then came two of her friends, Haruka Fukagawa and Seishirō Kotobuki and they went to a cafe for a drink and some conversation. Shortly after Haruka knew about Risa’s rejection, he went to their class the next day to settle the matter. Now that it reaches their classmates ears, everyone was blaming fault on Otani, leaving him depress and anxious.

Triumphing over the completed hand-made chocolates, Risa is determined to give them to Otani. Sadly, Otani rejects her again! Risa refused to give up and tried harder, chased down the classroom corridors to search for Otani and catapulted the chocolates at him. Finally, Otani accepts the chocolate and unwrap the gift box. He finds a chocolate with “Idiot Midget” written on it. Guess who’s the culprit!

Screenshot of the episode


Okay, how many valentine’s day are there? How come it is valentine’s day again. I don’t see anyone tying a pony tail on the right side of their hairs, what a weird hairstyle. I burst into laughter when Haruka declared Otani’s rejection in front of everyone in class. That’s so plain dumb and ignorant about Risa’s feelings. I really find Umibōzu amusing, what is so attractive of him making them both so addicted to Umibōzu. Umibōzu looked more like a teeth-less gangster to me!! lmao. What’s with the flowery background on him.. zzz.. This episode is not as sad as from rejected on ep 8, although this episode is more hilarous than ep 8. The final scene from my “Screenshot of the episode” really made my day. hahaha..

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yo! I’m Umibōzu.

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