July 1, 2007

JJ Lin Jun Jie – West Side

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Singer/songwriter JJ Lin Jun Jie, who is known for his rock and R&B fusion songs, returns with his latest major release. For his latest principle song “Assassin”, he has merged Western and Eastern music elements. JJ’s 5th studio album has been released on 29 June.

JJ Lin Jun Jie

West Side (June 29, 2007) Click me

  1. 獨白 (Du Bai)
  2. 殺手 (Sha Shou)
  3. 殺手@續 (Sha Shou @ Xu)
  4. 西界 (Xi Jie)
  5. 無聊 (Wu Liao)
  6. 單挑 (Chan Tiao)
  7. K-O
  8. 大男人 小女孩 (Da Nan Ren Xiao Nu Hai)
  9. L-O-V-E
  10. 發現愛 feat. Kym Jin Sha (Fa Xian Ai)
  11. 不流淚的機場 (Bu Liu Lei De Ji Chang)
  12. Baby Baby
  13. 自由不變 (Zi You Bu Bian)

Music video:
JJ Lin Jun Jie – 殺手


  1. Kumiko said,

    Jj rocks lar!!!

  2. Jamie said,

    Way to go, JJ! The MV was nothing like I have EVER Seen. The impact was astounding- the storyline in the mv went very well with the song. Though, it’s not for pple with a weak stomach. For those who have seen mvs like Eminem’s Stan and like it, will really appreciate this dark video. Wohoo! I am very impressed. Done Awesomely.

  3. Nini said,

    I love him !

  4. Maggie said,

    the video is very creative and imaginative.that’s explain the real meaning between music and visualisation where lots of artists fail to achieve. the killa!

  5. Yexuan said,

    He is so talented! I love him so much!! Love His New Ablum Westside too! Go JJ!! XD =]

  6. Dee said,

    Oh, I love this new album! There really is some good stuff on this one :D Just gotta love it <3

  7. Chew Si Hui said,

    FYI…The theme song is called The Killa…not “assassin”…

    But I agree that his MV is really special…

  8. xi min said,

    this song cool the killer
    the mv is special

  9. DuDu said,

    Sienz… me wan his song… T_T… someone pls share it in Lime wire….

  10. kevin said,

    i love you jj

  11. Li Shan said,

    so cool!!!

  12. DaRk-AnGeL said,

    damn cool ^^ XD

  13. Vampire Shan said,

    i dun noe what to say

  14. Vampire Shan said,

    veri cool

  15. 3Len'z said,

    Wow…I Like U’r New Album West Side..it’s Very Very Very CooL!!!
    jj ….. YeAh ….. v(^o^)v All The Best 4 U !!!!!!!!!!

  16. HANA said,

    JJ is very cool,I like his smile,i like he too.i very very like his song and his album.go…go … J.J LIN JUN JIE

  17. monica said,


  18. vic said,

    JJ ROCKS!!! Go JJ ! :)

  19. jenney tan said,

    hey hoe gaat het groetjes jenney wel een mooien siet hoor

  20. leodunk said,

    JJ Hen Ke Ai….
    JJ Hen Shuai…
    JJ Cute…
    JJ The BEst…
    JJ The One & Only..
    JJ Have a Great Talent..
    JIa You JJ…
    JJ Wo Ai Ni!!!!!

  21. nely niawati said,

    jj if you are in trouble i will help you as long i will also like you very much
    if i see you will you be my bezt friends

  22. yuliana tan said,

    i like your album…..
    i like your song fa xian ai
    i like you very much
    you are zo cute in the world
    jj so Handsome
    you can defeat chen ce wei
    becuz you handsome than him
    i alzo like your people
    becuz sometime you laugh qq……
    zometimes you shy…..
    as long i like you very much
    good nite
    hv a sweet dream
    you must remember me becuz i like eu

  23. fgfg said,


  24. juli said,

    hey! does anybody know the story of “xi jie”? not the story of the show by 5566, but the meaning of the song.. i would really like to know!
    Thanks! =)

  25. alyn said,

    u r so cool jj i luv u

  26. emilia said,

    jj rox..hes soo cool xD

  27. Nancy said,

    I love u JJ
    U have the sexiest voice all among
    the guys i’v heard…
    If i only had one day to live…
    i’d spend it with jj
    cause i’m such a big fan!!!!!
    Ur fan…

  28. sierra said,

    wow jj lin is so sexy :) ;) grrrr

  29. heartless_angel said,

    keep up the good work.
    your songs are nice.
    I’m rooting for you

  30. jEslyN said,


  31. SoMeOnE said,

    JJ i like al ur songs

    Im only 10 haha

    Wish u can make more songs!!


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