July 1, 2007

NANA 2 Live-action Movie

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The highly anticipated NANA 2 Movie is out with external english subtitles!

NANA 2 Live-action Movie

NANA 2 is the sequel to the Japanese movie NANA, an adaptation of the manga by Ai Yazawa, directed by Kentarô Ôtani.

Nana Komatsu is pregnant with her first child, but Nana Oosaki seems to be stroke by it, since it is not the child of her friend Nobu, but of TRAPNEST’s bassist Takumi. Both girls struggle through life, and try to keep their friendship from falling apart.

Note: Subtitles archive password is cococokiesjar

Click here to download NANA 2 (You need Bittorrent client to download)
Click here to download NANA 2 subtitles (You need DirectVobSub to play) *Better Subtitles updated*


  1. vy said,

    it says that i need a password to extract the subs from the rar file..

  2. shell said,

    It says the same thing for me too but when i press enter a couple times it opens up two files but the files are empty. What the hecks is going on?

  3. shell said,

    If we werent retarded we’d realize the password is right above the download button

  4. vy said,

    . . .its too early.
    i didnt sleep..
    thanks shell.
    ^ _ ^]-V

  5. yo said,

    are the subtitles good for this?

  6. cococokie said,

    the subs are quite mediocre, pls bear with it. i’ll find a better one if i can.

  7. elphingirl said,

    hey i am trying to play the subtitles that you provide with the video and it won’t play at all

  8. cococokie said,

    hello elphingirl, you have to install directvobsub to play external subtitles. click the link above to download, just beside the download link. gd luck ^^

  9. Ayame Souma said,

    Arigatooooo gosaimasu….!!!

    I’ll be waiting for this…


  10. cococokie said,

    oh yes i just rmbed. you have to rename the subtitles exactly as the same name as the video for it to work. take note.

  11. Hikari said,

    -_-; i’m a baka. i have no idea how to use that Vobsub thing, it doesn’t make sense to me ;___;

  12. Ana said,

    oh thanks i’ve been wainting for the subtitles for some time now… thanks! ^^

  13. ekwj said,

    ok here’s the fixed subtitles that are understandable

  14. ai_n0_tsubasa said,

    thank you SO much ekwj for the subs! i didn’t understand the subs before, but good thing i checked back! hm.. i hope they make a nana 3, but at the same time i dont want them to kill it. this one was still pretty good save stupid hachiko who pissed me off throughout the entire movie! well, she’ll pay anyway for her stupidity sooner or later. it’s just a matter of time… i felt so bad for nobu! T^T

  15. Pri-Chan said,

    Um…sorry, but once you’ve downloaded everything correctly, how exactly do you put the subs on the movie? I’m confused…^^;

    I named them the same as the movie and everything.

  16. The easiest way to watch these files on your TV is with a Philips DVD player that plays Divx, or any other Divx DVD player that supports SRT files. Only drawback with the Philips that I’ve found so far (the old DVP-642) is that you have to rename the file names of both the video file and .SRT file to 8 characters (I advise renaming it in the software you’re using to burn it to disc so you can retain the original filename on your HDD). The newer Divx player by Philips (the DVP3960/37, Walmart $50) I think can play the files as long as you have them on the disc, and are named exactly the same name (they might require the same 8 character naming though). I just got the new one because my old Philips DVP-642 just doesn’t handle the .SRT files very well. On top of that, you have to select the .SRT file first before playing the movie file. You don’t have to do that with the DVP3960/37. You just select the file you want to play, and when it starts… just press the subtitle button on the remote. Either that, or install the vosub software as suggested. If you need help, check out: http://www.videohelp.com, and do a search on vosub. You should find a wealth of information on it there!

  17. cococokie said,

    thanks william for the detailed alternative info.

    Brief steps:
    1. Install vobsub
    2. Rename the subtitle file (.srt, .sub, etc) as the same name as the video file
    3. Move subtitle to the same directory as the video file
    4. Play it with Windows Media Player, or VLC player. Enjoy.

    PS: If you want to burn-in the subtitle permanently onto the video, you can use autoGK to make the subtitle into a hard-subtitle for NANA2 movie.

    When you’ve opened autoGK program, press CTRL+F8 to show the input for subtitle file. Then look for the subtitle file. After that press Add Job -> Start
    The conversion takes about 2hrs average to finish.

    If you still need help, i may post a tutorial on my blog.

  18. danny said,

    me gusta muxo como se ve matsuyama kenichi en esta pelicula!!!!

  19. r3ika said,

    thanks for the subs!! ^^

  20. Contru said,

    links dead :(

  21. Lili Hikki said,

    How are you???
    Nana is the BEST for me!!!
    The beautifull movie!!! XD

  22. rasodo said,

    hi aboute nana anime will ther be new seson ore not? plz what i wachd was only 43 episodes i was searching and i nock on your sait plz if some one has any info live coment :) thanks and bye wish you all best!!! XD

  23. rasodo said,

    hi aboute nana anime will ther be new seson ore not? plz what i wachd was only 43 episodes i was searching and i nockd on your sait plz if some one has any info live coment :) thanks and bye wish you all best!!! XD

  24. rasodo said,

    i hope movie will be great like anime was XD

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  26. Jennifer said,

    Both links are broken or don’t work :( I wonder what happned.. is there any other way to download nana2?

  27. elizabeth said,

    will there be a 3rd movie or do i just read the rest of the movie

  28. elizabeth said,

    books not movie do i just read the rest of the books or is tat he ndof t sry i od thnk t but you never know

  29. elizabeth said,

    that the end of the story i would think not but you never know

  30. Hodinky said,

    Amazing! Its really remarkable piece of writing,
    I have got much clear idea about from this piece of writing.

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