July 1, 2007

Woman failed to buy all iPhones

Posted in Cellphones, Gadgets, Internet, iPhone, News, People, Videos at 11:47 am by anonymous

This woman brought $16,000 cash, trying to buy all iPhones from a store in Dallas to sell them on eBay. She pays a guy $800 for his first spot in line. Once the AT&T store opens, she was told there is a limit of one iPhone per customer. She got owned and the guy walks away with free iPhone. Watch the video after the jump…

She does not fear of getting robbed for bringing $16,000 cash on hand? Luckily, AT&T store has one iPhone per customer rule, or else everyone queuing up for hours will be utterly disappointed. She got owned for sure!

Source: MyFox

Woman failed to buy all iPhones video:



  1. Styke said,

    good money!

  2. Brian said,

    iPhone sucks

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