July 3, 2007

Miyuki Hashimoto – Prismatic colors

Posted in Japanese, Jpop, Jrock, Music Video, Musics at 12:21 pm by anonymous

Miyuki Hashimoto has released her japanese debut album. If you have heard of her, it got to be her single for Soul Link anime OP, screaming. Good news for her fans.

Miyuki Hashimoto

Prismatic colors (June 27, 2007) Click me

  1. 虹色センチメンタル
  2. screaming
  3. Especially
  4. ペパーミント
  5. Astraea
  6. little wish
  7. 太陽に手をのばせ
  8. Prismatic colors
  9. Growth
  10. Ageless Love
  11. 微熱S.O.S!!~solitude Ver.
  12. 青空の見える丘で
  13. 永遠に咲く花

Music video:
Miyuki Hashimoto – screaming (Soul Link OP)

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