July 4, 2007

Firefox Add-on: MileWideBack

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Have you used before MileWideBack Firefox extension for Mozilla Firefox browser? With MileWideBack, you can remove your back and forward navigational buttons permanently. Clicking allows you to navigate back, forward, and switch between tabs by clicking on the left side of the screen/window.


  • Left clicking, go back one page
  • Right clicking, go forward one page
  • Middle clicking, close tab
  • Mouse scrolling, switch between tabs
  • Hit area is the whole height of the page region, so you do not need to press on specific area like the navigational buttons (forward and back)
  • Functions can be altered, by setting value in “about:config” settings
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I feel this is an under appreciated extension for Firefox, mainly because of the bizarre name given by the author, nrlz. I reversed the click settings for MileWideBack, left clicking will trigger forward navigation instead. Often unintentionally clicked on the left side of the screen/window. Scrolling your mouse on the left side of the screen can be quite annoying when it switched tabs unexpectedly. Particularly when your mouse scrolling sensitivity is high, it switches tab too quickly. Quite a simple, yet effective extension. What do you think of this extension? Try it.

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