July 5, 2007

Claymore – 14

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Claymore episode 14
Qualified to Fight

The training continues at Irene‘s place, isolated and surrounded by mountains. After taking a break from training, Irene gives Clare her old suit as it is in better condition than Clare‘s. She starts to explain the death of Teresa which made tears flow down Clare‘s cheeks.

An unknown Claymore appeared, saw a corpse and sense the Yoki presence of the both of them. The next morning has arrived, Clare was training but apparently she was still unable to master the Flash Sword. Nevertheless, she was praised by Irene for making progress. Clare asked how much is her Flash Sword compared to Irene’s, it was barely one of tenth as strong as of Irene’s. Suddenly, Irene cuts off Clare’s right shoulder while cutting off her only right arm. Clare was stunned for her to generously give away her only arm. Irene proved that the arm was no longer useful as she distanced herself from fights, moreover she wasn’t in the organization anymore. In order to survive, Clare reluctantly accepts and joined the arm.

Irene gave her blessings and Clare sets off after she healed. When they were apart, Rafaela, ranked #5, managed to get to Irene. Her purpose is clear, and was to hunt down Irene for being a traitor to the Claymore organization. What will happen if Irene has no more arms left to defend herself? Yet, this is unknown whether what happens next.

Traveling alone, Clare finds something weird about her new arm. Out of the forest, Ophelia made her appearance again. She greeted her, ironically. Ophelia have not realized she has already awakened, even though she felt cravings for human guts. The battle started when Ophelia attacked and she managed to bite a piece of flesh off of Clare’s chest. While the battle continues, more of Ophelia’s history is revealed. She has always blamed her brother’s foolishness of sacrificing to protect her when she was young.

Realizing Clare’s improvement over a short period of time, Ophelia seemed to fight a losing battle. And with Clare’s new arm, she cuts off both of Ophelia’s arms. However, Ophelia can still attack with her thorns as flying projectiles. Clare starts to get aware of her enervated new arm, she knew she haven’t get used to her new arm completely. Thereafter, Ophelia inverted her body, transferring her upper human-like body to her tail. She obstinately wants to play a game of endurance. She then used her new front as a tail now to charge against Clare. Clare shreds her lower body and towards Ophelia’s upper body. Ultimately, Clare dealt the last blow and Ophelia ease off. At the very moment, she saw her brother’s smile and relieved.

Screenshot of the episode

“Who left her arm behind?”

Nooo!! My pretty Ophie-chan died. Now I will miss her. lol. Ophelia is my favourite character after Teresa. My friend laughed to know that i like a bizarre character. Having awakened, Ophie looks like a preying mantis with snake’s body. Nevertheless, great character design. The part where Clare shreds Ophie is quite unrealistic, it is the mentality and skill to master Flash Sword and not by having the arm. Now that I was quite shock to see Irene generously gave away her only arm. Too generous perhaps, what will she use to eat? Her foot? Whether Irene is killed or not (hopefully not), is a mystery in this episode. The organization appear more and more sinister every week. Can’t get enough every episode, next episode reveals a new character, who might she be?

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Ophelia Chibi
Random Pic: Ophie-chibi

Click here to download this episode at Eclipse Production download page. (You need Bittorrent client to download)

For alternative review, click here to go to Brian’s Claymore episode 14 review.

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  1. Brian said,

    Hey thanks for the link 8-)

    Wow your screencaps came out looking so much nicer than mine…

    Did the end with Ophie-chan make you want to cry, or at least feel sorry for her? It really did for me.

  2. cococokie said,

    Yah, kind of sad.. I told my friend, “Why those character that i liked always dies?” he laughed. lol.

    “As Clare eats an apple (no Ryuuk)” lmao. Ryuuk eats red apple, Clare eats green apple..you’re darn funny.

  3. Brian said,

    The ophie death scene was more dramatic in the anime than in the manga…i think credit should be given to her seiyuu, shinohara emi, and the accompanying background music for both really conveying the emotion of that scene. i seriously wanted to cry when she said that she wanted to play with her brother one more time in the afterlife…so sad.

    im not about to cry like the crybaby i used to be when i was a little kid, but that, for me, was the most powerful and dramatic scene in the anime this year, though the scene with teresa’s death was pretty powerful itself.

  4. cococokie said,

    Talked about seiyuu (voice acting) which u like best?

    I’m not particular fond of any…perhaps future episode. I will say Teresa has a graceful voice while Irene/ilena has a noble voice. anyway im a raki hater hahaha…he’s quite extra i think. he just disappeared this episode.

  5. Brian said,

    The voice acting has been excellent overall. Everyone has captured the essences of their respective characters very well.

  6. Jenevere said,

    Do you know if there is second season? The manga goes on but not the anime……

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