July 10, 2007

Lovely Complex – 13

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Love Complex episode 13
Heating up! A First Kiss in His Room?

Risa sat on the roof of the school building thinking her relationship with Otani. After some time, she went back to class to find Otani complaining about his injury from her chocolate box throw on St Valentine’s day. The argument starts again, soon they are playing plaintiff and defendant.

It’s lunch time, Risa and two of her friends were having lunch together. Discussing about kisses, Nobuko and Seishirō made fun of her about Risa and Otani getting out of reach when kissing because of height difference. Seishirō suggest that Risa should actively pursue and take him by force. Nonetheless, Risa turned their ideas down.

Back home, It was already bed time. Risa can’t keep the comical kissing scene of her and Otani off her mind because of her height difference. Next day, Risa arrived at class, frustrated. Otani is sleeping soundly like a pig, when Risa intentionally wakes him up for bashing. She began screaming and asking why is he so short and it is pissing her off. Suddenly she retreats with a pile of smoke and return to her seat. Just then, Otani hands over Umibōzu concert ticket which he queue and waited all morning yesterday. Risa then jumped into ecstasy, she always do that when it has something to do with Umibōzu.

After school, Risa went to watch Otani at his basketball club activity. Nobuko gave Risa some advice as well as some beating for being uninitiate in her romance relationship. The club activity is over before long, Risa and Nobuko waited for the both of them. When Nobuko saw Heikichi, her boyfriend, they hold hands and fly high into the sky. wtf? Next day, Otani got a cold and failed to turned up at school. Nobuko suggest Risa to pay a visit to Otani’s house. Heikichi even drew a map to Otani’s house. Nobuko began taunting Risa that she can do “things” and resulting in her getting the cold.

Feeling uneasy, Risa hesitated and finally pressed the doorbell. Otani’s mother went to greet her visitor. Without much clue, his mother jumped in conclusion that Otani’s girlfriend (Risa) has come to visit her son. Suddenly, Otani’s sister and his dog appeared out of thin air as well. Otani’s mother and sister triumphantly carry Risa into the house like a plank of log. Otani’s mother and sister brought the cake to Otani’s room and this was when Risa know Otani’s birthday is today.

Otani’s mother and sister began to taunt and make fun of Otani being too short in height and is unable to kiss her girlfriend. Both of them were chased out by Otani immediately after that. Unintentionally, Otani hurt Risa when he said she is not his girlfriend. After they settle down and two of them were alone in the room, Risa handed Otani his exam result slips. It was just as bad as Risa’s. Tomorrow is Umibōzu concert, Otani is worried that he may not be able to turn up for the concert. After some conversation, Risa begin to lean forward and Otani followed up with a kiss on her lips. Feeling embarrassed, Risa rushed for the door.

It was a sunny afternoon the next day, the both of them met up at the train station, preparing to go to the concert. This time, Risa got a cold. Risa become furious to find that Otani cannot remember anything about them kissing the day before. The unlucky Otani received an elbow bash.

Screenshot of the episode

“Wtf? Still unwilling to get down on the ground?”

In this episode, Risa’s hairstyle is better looking than the previous ep. Umibōzu is becoming an icon. This time, he appear more than once with darn sea waves. Do couples get that high when they met each other after school? I’m referring to Nobuko and Heikichi, they flew into the sky while holding hands. lmao. Otani’s dog is very cute, the barking sounded Thunderbolt from ‘101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure’ cartoon. More hilarious than the previous episode definitely. The preview on next episode, A Killer Crush on Maity, revealed a new character and he’s driving Otani crazy.

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Wtf, side view this time. lmao.

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  1. Alfhia said,

    damn you Otani!! huhuh … how dare you forgot about that kiss!! huhuhu .. poor Risa..TT__TT

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