July 12, 2007

Claymore – 15

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Claymore episode 15
The Witch’s Maw – I

Clare has not been in contact with the Claymore organization for 3 months since the death of Ophie-chan (*sniff sniff). The organization calls for Ermita to send “her” to search for Clare and the quest is ranked top priority while putting other assignments aside for the time being.

Clare is on with an expedition in search of Raki as she entered a new town for traces of him. She is disgused as a man and had taken the “Suppression” pills to avoid being detected by the organization. Searching continued until the sky turned dusky, however still no traces of Raki. Clare stayed at the motel for the night, she is notified of the other four Claymores stationed in the town. They were on a hunting mission to take out awakened beings in the mountain of Zakol.

Next morning, Clare carried on with the search when she came across the statue of twin goddess of love, Teresa & Clare, while she found evidence of Raki at the same time. Shortly after, a deeply injured Claymore appeared at the entrance seeking for help. As Claymore collapsed, Clare rushed to help her and she entrusted the duty to contact the organization for reinforcement. The monsters at mountain of Zakol is plotting something evil and other comrades were still in there. Clare hurried to find the other comrades for back up support.

At the mountain chamber, the other Claymores were tied up and tortured by the awakened beings. Poles were driven into their bodies. One of the Claymores is unable to endure the excruciating pain and starts to awaken. After she had awakened, she fought the other awakened being but was crushed to death in no time.

Help is on the way! Clare encounter a group of human disguising Yomas and dispatched some of them. The Yomas seemed to have some knowledge about Claymores and Clare is tricked into jumping high in the sky for ambush. Nonetheless, the Yomas were too weak against Clare, thus were killed.

Instantly, the awakened beings sensed Clare and were expecting her.

Screenshot of the episode

“We are the Fool-test-tick four!”

In the first few min, the episode showed the discussion among the organization leaders. That part was quite confusing, not exactly sure of “her” as whom they were referring to and what it has to do with Ermita. Maybe they were sending the four claymores to death like they did to Clare twice. The new hairstyle of Clare looked amusing. I find that almost all Claymores are man of few words. The “Screenshot of the episode” pic is cool! It looked like we’re the men of the west. lol. The episode kept showing flashbacks of Raki, well I personally don’t think Raki and Clare’s mutual interest with each other is that great compared to Clare and Teresa. This episode is more like an introduction to a new arc, unsure what will happen next…DAMN!!, 7 days more to wait, I’ll die of waiting first before Jeane get more holes in her body and dies. >.<

Episode Rating: Ratings
#9 Jeane

Click here to download this episode at Eclipse Production download page. (You need Bittorrent client to download)

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  1. Brian said,

    BTW, when I mentioned that the torture scenes were like an episode of “24,” I was talking about this: 24

  2. cococokie said,

    ok that i didnt watch. craid david – 7 days z_z

  3. Brian said,

    lol i used to listen to that song^^

  4. cococokie said,

    5 days more..z_z clare should awaken irene’s arm and crush that duff like wat he did. lol

  5. Teddy said,

    lol! that will be cute! HAHAh..big arm against duff!

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