July 13, 2007

Firefox Add-on: ChinesePera-kun

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ChinesePera-Kun is a chinese popup dictionary Firefox extension for Mozilla Firefox browser. It defines the word and provide Hanyu Pinyin translation.


  • Allow toggling (on/off)
  • Popup dictionary when mouse over Chinese characters
  • Detailed Lookup Search Status-bar Panel when needed
  • Works with both Simplified and Traditional characters
  • Can save text for output to text file via preference settings
  • Behaviours changeable via preference settings (Popup colour theme, popup delays, keyboard short-cuts, etc)

Lookup Search Status-bar Panel (fig.1)

Lookup Search Status-bar Panel (fig.2)


Interface: RatingsRatingsRatingsRatingsRatings
Usefulness: RatingsRatingsRatingsRatingsRatings
Ease of use: RatingsRatingsRatingsRatingsRatings
Value: RatingsRatingsRatingsRatingsRatings

The popup dictionary is extremely useful for someone like me who is weak in written chinese. lol. It provides Hanyu Pinyin which is the more handy feature i needed. The Hanyu Pinyin translation is very accurate. The popup dictionary design is great, however the layout position of Lookup Search Status-bar Panel (fig.1) is displeasing, it blocks the content I want to view or click-on. There is no settings for the layout position as well. ChinesePera-kun can clutter context menu and navigational toolbar which can be unpleasant looking (luckily there is Menu Editor). As for the performance, it lags approx. 0.5-3 sec for the first session you turn on the popup dictionary, nevertheless still acceptable. Ultimately the functions overshadows small eye-unpleasing details.

Note: There are Japanese popup dictionaries as well, try Rikaichan or PeraPera-kun.

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  1. Brian said,



  2. Brian said,

    And you’re right about the dizzying scenes in Transformers…lot of times I felt the camera moved too frantically and it was hard to keep up.

    But I liked the movie.

    Did you watch the Transformers cartoon (the one from the 1980s) when you were younger? Assuming they showed that where you live…

  3. cococokie said,

    that was long long time ago dinosaur era. lol. hey u tried chinesepera-kun (no chinesepera-chan alright xD) already?

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