July 16, 2007

Gaming Passion

Posted in Arcade, Games, Gaming News, PS3, Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur III, Soul Calibur IV, XBox 360 at 12:26 am by anonymous

I was viewing Nakenashi Wisdom blog and was quite impressed by the illustrating skill of the author. His latest work is an artwork of Ivy from Soul Calibur series. It happened that I’m an avid fan of Soul Calibur III, 3D arcade fighting game (no capcom vs snk). Been playing SCIII for few months, kind of addicted to it haha.

Soul Calibur IV

Sighs, even my school course teaches game programming but I don’t think my school have the industry standard of such games. I feel kind of regret to specialize in that programming area. Kind of struggled through the course with no basic foundation of C++ in Year 1 semesters. Wtf, learn directX9 in 5 months? (No way! Probably just 1/10 of directX9 i think. directX10 is out already. By the time I finish serving army, probably directX15. lmao) Anyway, I’ve already graduated so it’s no use to rant about it anymore.. GG to those newly specialized in my course. xD

Soul Calibur IV is scheduled to release next year on 2008 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. At Nakenashi’s blog, he posted a link (here) to updates of SCIV in the making. The graphics is absolutely stunning even though is not finalized, graphics of SCIII is already amazing. More SCIV screenshots and videos after the jump.

Note: Click on below images for view full resolution.

Wow, beautiful sceneries (It’s duck hunting season, DIE ugly ducklings!):

Soul Calibur III video:
Some of my favourite character in favourite videos!


  1. Brian said,

    hey brian, u watched Blood+? Is it exactly good or just bad? I felt like pressing “Shift+Delete” den OK! It’s left untouched in my ext harddrive for months… It looked more like a 6.5-7/10 story anime.

    Ratings and reviews in almost every anime site is overrated I think. So watch or DEL? zzZ”

    I never watched it, so I cannot give you my insight.

    For my reviews, I’ve avoided giving out ratings because I think it’s too hard to convert my thoughts into a number between 1 and 10…and then you have those people who get emotional when you give something they see as a 9.99999999999999972472474 a 6.762786 out of 10…it’s like you just desecrated their family grave or some shit…

    Once Claymore is over, I don’t know what anime will get the same VIP treatment on my blog…probably Code Geass because that is an awesome anime (Milly-chan FTW!!!!!).

  2. cococokie said,

    oi off topic la..lol nvm. my fren watched code geass too, was nice he said. at first i thought what code “gRass”. the new ones are moetan, sky girls, zero no tsukaima ~futatsuki no kishi~, devil may cry, denno coil, code-e, sayonara zetsubou sensei, etc. i also duno what to blog when claymore and lovely complex is over.

  3. soowlpaph said,

    Very interesting blog. I want make the best use of my comfortable passport Fresh joke! What do cats like to eat for breakfast? Mice Krispies.

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