July 17, 2007

Lovely Complex – 14

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Love Complex episode 14
A Killer Crush on Maity!

Great news, looks like Lovely Complex is going to be 24-26 episodes long as episode 14 has new opening and ending theme song. However, this can mean there will be no second season. Even if it did, I doubt it would be as nice.

The semester is over, Risa is playing her game (Sims dating game?) in a dark room. Cain-sama is her Casanova game character which she admires. While playing the game, she recalls losing her first kiss to Otani which couldn’t remember because of the cold he was having. She become furious and screamed, while her head began to turn into an insect-like nob.

A new semester starts, her former classmates apparently remains to be her classmate again. Otani began to showed up and taunting that they are going remain as All Hanshin-Kyojin (Comedy Duo) again and how is she going to compensate him. She started to fight over that matter moment after that. Otani continues to questioned obvious hints that he couldn’t get the meaning while Risa’s patience balloon is bursting. When Risa can no longer suppress her anger, she hurls Otani and does her throw Suplex.

Walking in a corridor, Risa met a new stranger and later happened to be her Sen-sei (Teacher) , Maitake Kunimi (Maity). Maity teased and seduce Risa into having crush with him. Back to the classroom, their former teachers introduced a new assistant English teacher and it’s Maity. Maity looked exactly like Risa’s game character (except for the hair colour), Cain-sama, her crush began to blossom, and Risa volunteered for the class rep role while dragging Otani into becoming assistant class rep.

After school, Risa and Otani walked home together. Otani gave Risa a souvenir towel from the previous Umibōzu concert as a gift. Next day, Maity started teaching English and all girls in the class were instinctively seduced by him (obviously Risa is included among them.), while all the guys appeared annoyed with his dressing style. Maity noticed Otani is lying asleep on his desk, he went forward to wake him up in a unique way. He blew into Otani’s ears and he woked up disgusted, screaming and yelling.

School is over, Risa is called upon by Maity and ordered to do a cleaning duty roster. Otani had attended his basketball club activity. He went back to the class to help Risa with her duty roster. Otani questioned about her crush for Maity and Risa starts to look closely at Otani. Abruptly, Otani recalls what happened few days ago when Risa visited his house. Otani made a blundering mistake after all to annoy her. Suddenly, Risa grab hold of Otani and forced a kiss on him. Otani still did not realized much effort Risa had spent and Risa break down into tears to begin crying. She rushed off, trying to get away from him as she bashed into Maity but she did not cared and still hurried off.

Screenshot of the episode

“isn’t that my Lamborghini??!”

The graphics in the episode have improved slightly, more vibrant colours is quite pleasing to me. The new op and ed sounded alright to me, although I still like the old op and ed theme more. FOR ONCE! No seawaves, no Umibōzu! hahaha. Nobuko behavioured like a vampire most of the time. She changed into zombie teal colour many times. Nonetheless, hilarious voice acting. How in the world can teachers leave her shirt so lowly unbuttoned, referring to Maity. Overall, this ep is too short, you cannot mix craziness and seriousness all together suddenly, if you know it was the ending that caused the rush. The studio should just make this episode full comedy as it is just an intro to new arc with new theme songs.

Episode Rating: Ratings

Something Bomberman left behind…

Click here to download this episode at KissSub download page. (You need Bittorrent client to download)

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  1. sunako said,

    jajajjajajajjajajajajjajajajajajjajajjajajajajajajaj ok
    is bery funny tnkx osea
    esta muy divertida me muero de la risa con las caras que ponen jajajaj muy graciosa muchas gracias bye

  2. cococokie said,

    lol. ^_^ funny. xD

  3. Rizma said,

    OMG,, they look so stupid there,, they’re so meant for each other,,!! :lol:

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