July 18, 2007

12 Things Wordpress can Improve for its Bloggers

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12 things that I think WordPress can improve for its bloggers. Details after the jump.

12. Unique visitor tracking Stats
Adding a more specific unique visitor would be good to check how many visitor has been to your site exactly. It tracks visitors by IP address so only visitors with different IP will be counted.

11. Multiple File Uploader
Uploading single individual files takes too much loading time. What if you need to upload 50 files?

10. WordPress Polls
Poll adds more interactive to your site. A good feature if available.

9. Template Category
Create a new post with similar category list as older post. You do not have to check all related tags all over again for post that is related. This provides more consistency and saves time.

8. Recent Edits/Updates Widget
Just like recent posts and recent comments widget, this widget only shows post have major edits.

7. Add New Category Placement
Add new category should be place at the top instead of bottom-most. If you have over 200 categories, to add new category, you have to scroll down extensively. Although there is an archor link to it.

6. Presentation > Widgets
Under Presentation section, Themes are showed first by default. How many times do you actually change your site theme, not in few days right? Changes made to Widgets is more frequently made than Themes. Widgets should be showed first by default. This saves WordPress bandwidth without loading the themes thumbnails as well.

5. Browsing/Manage Uploads Results
Searching for wanted images/files can be a pain when there is 10 result per page. What if there is 100+ pages? If number of result per page can be set in Options, files are more accessible and it saves user time to search for the exact image/file.

4. Draft Post Placement
Draft post should appear at the top irregardless of Timestamp, by default. Currently, you have to select “Draft” from Status drop down list and click filter. Three steps can be skipped when Draft posts are showed at the top by default. Again it’s more time saving and less hassle.

3. Publish Button
When you have already written a draft and want to publish it, you have to edit and wait for the WYSIWYG Editor and your content to load before you can publish. Already published post, can have “Status” button in place of “Publish” button instead, which can change the status of the published post to private, pending review, or draft once again.

2. Tag Surfer
I don’t know if this is a bug or an intended purpose. When subscribing tags, the tags will be added as Category without the means of the user. Would be great if user’s own post with specific subscribed tag can be showed in Tag Surfer as well, user can visual and edit layout of post to make it more suitable for viewing in Tag Surfer. One more thing, when there are many results on Tag Surfer, it only shows first 10 or 15 post depending on the setting of WordPress itself, the rest is cut off. This can be solved by result per page just like Managing images/files.

1. WYSIWYG Editor
There is no button for insertion or handling of tables. It must be done in html code.

If you can think of few more features WordPress can add, feel free to comment.



  1. options said,

    there’s also a http://wordpress.org/extend/ideas , although I highly doubt that anyone really cares about end-users ideas but themselves. those WP users who code in php either go for plugins or hack a core in their own install (latter option is what WP is liked for most of all).

    all those ‘Ideas’ forums look to me mostly as a mere formality and a way to channell off some fuzz.

    you’ve got *new* features/options and *fixes* mixed in the one list, I’d split it.

    anyway, I found some of some of your points made quite logical and reasonable, but once again see #0:

    12. didn’t get it;
    11. /cool feature/ — there are quite a few services in file storage/sharing business, while WP is “a state-of-the-art semantic publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.” – wontbeconsidered;
    10. polls /cool feature/ — there must be plenty plugins for wp.org — wontbeconsidered
    9. sticky tags /cool option/ — hardlyeverbeconsidered
    8. uhhm, dunno — you’ve got to be logged in to get this info, then whom is this widget for?
    7. /usability/ reasonable — who cares, wontbefixed
    6. /usability/ reasonable — who cares, wontbefixed
    3. /cool feature/ TMCE table button — no problem; submit feedback, will be ready on this/next week
    2. dunno — there are usually only a few drafts, then ‘Publish’ would be meaningless for all the rest already published posts.
    1. it’s a feature ;-) — anyway who use a ‘Tag Surfer’ if it can’t remember a set of tags I’m really interested in, and can’t do a combined tag search (see also: Search on Global Tags / Advanced Tag Surfer)
    0. who cares?

  2. cococokie said,

    12. i edited it, what i mean is IP tracking.
    11. omg 50 files = 50 times.
    9. if there is category template that would be really gd.
    8. viewers will know which article/post have been edited to a greater extent. they may want to view again. :D
    6. it’s painful to load the thumbnails…
    3. u look like u got the answer to it, are u in wordpress dev team?
    2. Publish will only appear for draft post, as for already published post can have “Post status” in place.
    1. have been updated with more details and more stuff.
    0. this comment pawns me. xD at least someone like me care?

  3. 12) Won’t happen. Violation fo the privacy ToS.
    11) Won’t happen. No way for them to be scanned for virii.
    10) Rumor has it that they’re coming
    9) Probably won’t happen as most folks don’t write like that.
    8) Probably won’t happen as most folks don’t write like that.
    7) Lazyness on your part. Ctrl-End on a standard PC.
    6) Probably won’t happen as the point of the presenation page is the themes, not the widgets.
    5) Been suggested. Staff says it’s done that way for a reason.
    4) Lazyness on your part. Change the Status selection.
    3) Lazyness on your part. Tables are no longer under HTML 4
    2) Won’t happen as it would require the page to be fully reloaded instead of the fade reload.
    1) The tag preloaded the ones you’re currently using.

  4. Matt said,

    There are some good ideas here, thanks for sharing them.

    Options, the ideas forum is a really big part of our development planning process and has been a huge success thus far.

  5. Lizzie said,

    I like some of these ideas :)
    Tho the thing I would most like to see is a polls option. I would find that very useful indeed :)

  6. mikecane said,

    Hell yes to number 11! I use a ton of photos and uploading them singly is hair-raising.

    Hell yes to number 5! I just upgraded to a paid 1GB — and it”s a real pain searching for a prior photo that I want to reuse in a post.

    Number 4 — I’d like to see a separate PAGE just for Drafts. I don’t want them grouped in with published posts.

  7. Fabolous site of emoticons! thanks

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