July 20, 2007

Claymore – 16

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Claymore episode 16
The Witch’s Maw – II

Clare walks cautiously into the castle. She sense boundless Yoki energy from within it. She was suddenly ambushed by a group of Yomas which appeared suddenly, due to the overflowing amount of Yoki which hid their presence. However, all except one were killed by her. The surviving Yoma hurried to escape but was gotten hold and crushed to pieces by Dauf, an awakened, out of a sudden.

Clare encountered a tough and huge awakened, Dauf. When Dauf is struggling to move in the narrow castle, Clare rushed forward and got hold of the opportunity for an attack. She slashed her claymore on Dauf’s forehead but it was too tough to be split open. She followed up with another few attack and her claymore got stucked in Dauf’s eyelid. Dauf retaliated, crushing his big fist onto the ground, however Clare managed to dodge it.

Riful, another major awakened, tries to brainwash Jeane to awaken and join her side. The battle continued and Dauf shot a metallic pole from his jaws. Unaware of the projectile, Clare was hit by the pole with bullet speed. Dauf shot another pole and it crushed the bone on Clare’s leg. Dauf picked her up with her head. Just as we thought it’s the end, a new Claymore arrived, Galatea, ranked at #3.

Galatea manipulated Dauf’s Yoki flow in his hands and made him drop Clare into her arms, this is one of her unique ability. The sudden arrival of Galatea was sensed by Riful. She turned joyful as she predicted that Galatea is a strong claymore which she can force her to join her side. With no intention to fight Dauf, Galatea carried Clare and walked towards the exit of the castle, while revealing to Dauf her sole purpose is to get Clare. This angered Dauf and he began shooting poles at them but all of them misses as Galatea alter the Yoki flow in the pole which changed the direction of the projectiles.

Dauf is no fool, he collapsed rocks in their way, thus blocking the exit. Galatea flaunt with her ability that he is unable to touch her. Instantly Dauf pound his fist on her and was shocked to realized it was useless. Galatea leaped and landed few blows while discovering Dauf’s impenetrable outer skin. However within minutes, she found his weakness, to attack joints where the flesh are not as tough as his skin. She pierced his palms and cuts off his right hand.

Clare was impressed by how smart and strong the #3 warrior, Galatea. Momentarily, Riful turned up, sitting on a rock behind Clare. She mocked Dauf of his reckless situation and convinced him to attack with all his will, resulting in an effective way which Galatea cannot stop regarding his strong will. Soon, Dauf strikes while Galatea can no longer able to dodge his strong willed attacks, and was impaled by the side. Galatea’s life is in danger, Clare quickly healed her leg, going pass her limit and saved Galatea. Clare began to feel the painful distortion and starts awaken, however she tried to suppress her Yoki to turn back into human form but she couldn’t. With the help of Galatea, Clare stopped awakening and regained her mind.

Riful was surprised that Clare can stop awakening and get even more interested in making both of them her ally. Galatea explains that there are three strongest awakened which scattered and settle in the west, north, and south part of the continent. One of them is Riful of the west. Galatea questioned her of her objective in gathering awakens and she revealed the awaken of the north is picking a fight with her and so she gathered an army of awakens intending to defeat the north awaken. Clare found out that one of the north awaken is Priscilla, the one that killed Teresa, and demands the location of Priscilla. Riful flaunted that if Clare can hit her once, she will tell her. Clare nearly awaken again trying to hit Riful but was stopped and pinned by Galatea and realized shortly after. To defeat the both awakens, they need the help of #9 Jeane and so Clare was ordered to find her before Jeane awakens.

Screenshot of the episode

“Galatea are you fighting or dancing? Cool though.”

Okay, i expected too much from this episode and gotten quite disappointed. The previous episode hyped so much that I wanted to watch ep 16 so badly but it turned out not as good as i expected. All because of my friend’s influence, he convinced that this episode will be breathtaking but it wasn’t. Besides, Eclipse did not do a good job in this episode, many meanings are blurry and confusing, to see if it is just my own degree of understanding, I seek my friend’s opinion and we had the same perception about this poorly translated sub (nevertheless still grateful to them for subbing). I believed in this episode, the author focused a lot on Galatea. And i think it’s time to reveal few new claymores all in a scene rather than one at a time which is so long-winded. Moreover, Galatea don’t impress me much, but it all make sense that she is a defensive-type warrior. Furthermore, it is simply unrealistic that she can find Clare so quickly. The good thing about Galatea is her frinch hair, is a little messy which i think made her more realistic (no hair is too straight & neat), Galatea’s frinch hair in manga is neater.

Don’t you think Clare crossed her limit too easily when she hardly did a thing? Quite disappointing see Clare portrayed as weak again so quickly, and with her new flash sword I don’t see why she can’t be as good as Galatea. It’s quite common sense that only Dauf’s outer skin is tough and she can penetrate his joints like what Galatea did. Regarding the castle scene in this episode, is all dark and quite hard to visual just like first few episodes that I loathe watching again. About the seiyuu (voice acting) part, I believe the animation studio (MadHouse) reused Teresa for Galatea, and Ophelia for Riful (Not quite sure about this, Riful sometimes do sound like Ophelia and sometimes doesn’t), and Dauf’s voice is so familiar, maybe I heard him voicing other monsters in other anime series (maybe bleach?).

Not grasping enough enjoyment in this long-winded episode of more conversation between Dauf vs Clare & Galatea, it is depressing that the fact I have to wait another six days for next episode.

Episode Rating: Ratings

#3 Galatea

Guess who this is? Siegfried?

Random Pic:
Galatea & Clare
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Click here to download this episode at Eclipse Production download page. (You need Bittorrent client to download)

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  1. Brian said,

    Galatea is so obsessed about her looks that I guess she doesn’t care about her hair.

    Even my non-anime watching friends respect her beauty; one said that she has the look of someone who wants to fuck right now, LOL

  2. cococokie said,

    lol.. i wonder what is next week about…hopefully new op and ed songs..

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