July 22, 2007

YoYo & CiCi Pics & Emoticons!

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Do you like monkeys, pigs, animal emoticons? If you do, you will be fascinated by these funny looking emoticons and display pics from YoYo & CiCi. All of the emoticons are animated at 50×50 pixels while display pics at 200×200 pixels. There are nearly 200+ emoticons and display pics available there!

Some of the Display Pics (original is 200×200):

YoYo & CiCi Display PicYoYo & CiCi Display PicYoYo & CiCi Display Pic
YoYo & CiCi Display PicYoYo & CiCi Display PicYoYo & CiCi Display Pic
Click here for link.

Some of the animated Emoticons (50×50):

YoYo & CiCi EmoticonYoYo & CiCi EmoticonYoYo & CiCi EmoticonYoYo & CiCi EmoticonYoYo & CiCi EmoticonYoYo & CiCi EmoticonYoYo & CiCi EmoticonYoYo & CiCi EmoticonYoYo & CiCi Emoticon
Click here for link.

Note: It’s a chinese, and flash/images intensive website.

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  1. gary said,

    i love those cuteeeee monkey, thx a lot, i’ve been looking for them years…. hahahahahahah

  2. Sora said,

    so cuteee!!*________* thx!

  3. Kikis said,

    Estan muy lindos los monitos ^-^

  4. patricia said,

    THANK YOU SO MUCH !! i really appreciate all these awesome eemoticons. ty very much

    much love,

  5. Shay said,

    I’ve had some of the emoticons but never knew their orgin. THANKS! :)

  6. David Ng said,

    It’s very cute to tell the truth as a man…hahaha..very funny too. I like them

  7. Shinzen Aji said,

    *-* im finding it so long at last this web helped meeeeeeeeee
    >< so good

  8. Barbara said,


  9. Mireille said,


  10. chrestine said,


  11. cHaLuVmiX said,

    so cute ^^ tengQue yaH hahaha i loVe tHem ^^

  12. Anna said,

    i dun undrstnd chinese!!!how du i get the emoticons????help????!!!!!

  13. Nerissa said,

    Thank’s for the emo!

  14. kiatsu said,

    Hahah I always love yoyo & cici~ I use it on some of my sites~ :P

  15. Suki Matsuura said,

    loooooool, just now i know they is name X_X”// ThAnX ^-^

  16. ertertert said,

    haha tui bay bi khung

  17. ertertert said,

    haha tui bay bi khung het roi ha …………1 lu~ khung` kai` ……….=)) =))

  18. ly_a_ly ♥ anhdasd said,

    kakaka tui bay bot dien dum cai dy…….. chua` tao dien moi ……..diz me………….cac……..lon`………nung’ cac……..an bang ve sinh…….pu’ Ioz`….=))

  19. KoLona said,

    Oa!!! that la dep va ngo ngo..iu qua yoyo a`

  20. sushi_boo said,

    dep waaa!!!

  21. BAkA NETwORk! said,

    aRe soO cuTeeeee!!! x3
    LOV YAAAA!! yoyo & cici”

  22. Steph said,

    Can anyone make a pack of these emoticons for those who do not understand a word/letter of Chinese? D:

  23. Sissi said,

    So cute!! I love this monkeys!!! =D

  24. Sayaka said,



    son muy kawaii!!!!


  25. ken said,

    how can i get it? where’s download place ?

  26. Yummi said,

    So Kawaii
    lindo de mais
    ameii (love it)
    Beijos (Kisses)

  27. shaman said,

    Luv ya sooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

  28. ZOZO&BIBI said,

    عجبوني وايد!!!!!!!!!111

  29. kribzz said,

    aq ud nyari nie dri puluhan taon xg lalu..
    aq mw masukin di hp tp koq g isa yaph??
    bwuete pol!!!

  30. امول من السعودية said,

    جميل جدا شكرا لكم

  31. noni said,

    i love the yoyo & cici monkeys they r so cute thx 4 putin em in!

  32. chRis said,

    Hi there!i can’t seem to DL those emoticons you have on 200×200! they tend to appear really small..is there a way to enlarge it so that it is visible when i use it on the MSN?

  33. momiji said,

    jen plein g 155 emoticone de yoyo et cici !

  34. fa-eq said,

    so cuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………….
    i like it very much…

  35. cici ^^rock said,

    cute,thier emoticons^^

  36. Azukita_9 said,

    gwaaaaaaw genial!!!!!!

  37. Brenda said,

    I love these cuteeeee little small monkeys

  38. jessa said,

    …monkeys are my favorite…especially yoyo & cici….

    …tnx for this…

  39. edwar said,

    finally i found the complete source, thanks :)

  40. Lady YoYoCiCi said,

    how can I download these emoticons and how can I install these?please conatct me back!!!

  41. Lady YoYoCiCi said,


  42. s0-Viiii3T said,

    SiiSii YOYo&CiiCii C’Eii TROP MiignOn ‘!!

  43. YoyoCici said,


  44. sha said,

    uwaaa.. I love these two monkeys..
    they’re soooo cute.. ^^
    thx 4 upload it..

  45. soni susana said,

    q lendos
    dejen copialos

  46. dante said,

    how to download them ?

  47. Sariee said,

    ahhhhhh OMG i love tho’s monkeys!!!!!!
    can you please gimmeh all of them emoticon’s?!?!!^-^

    they are so adorable and CUUUUUTE!xDDDD

    please and thank you =]


  48. Jose Lopez said,

    for mi yoyo and cici are the best emoticons I ever si waaa!! tn P.S I love it

  49. Cici Loves said,

    Muito fofinhoooo!
    So cuteeeee!

  50. qkitty said,

    sooooooooooooooooooooo Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~^_^~ >_<

  51. yurasuki said,

    so cute :))

  52. joy callista said,

    wow tx 4 emosion i like that *

  53. lara said,

    Thanks !!!!! :D

  54. jazz said,

    wow! soooooooooo cute! Where you get them from?

  55. Myself said,

    Hey hey :D I don’t know if you ever gonna read this but I’m writing. Ok? :D… well I like yoyo and cici but also that little pig. What’s the name of the little cutie pig? :) Tell me. If you can

    If you’re happy to helped … I’m happy to hear about your answer

    Hope you answer

    Me :)

  56. Claudio said,

    Great avatars!

  57. oksigenbebas said,

    so cute!

    lucu-lucu nih emoticonnya. tambah lagi ya master. kalo dipasang di komentar blog serasa jadi lebih hidup.hoho.
    mampir ke blog saya ya. translate bahasa inggris indonesia dongeng-dongeng dan percakapan sehari-hari.

    visit my blog.

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