July 23, 2007

Lovely Complex – 15

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Love Complex episode 15
A Dangerous Man Maity’s Sweet Seduction!

It’s morning breakfast time, and miso soup and rice is on the menu. Risa hate rice since experiencing her first kiss with Otani that he only remembers the rice bits on her mouth. Apparently, Risa has given up on Otani for being dense and unresponsive.

Next day, Risa arrived at school and happened to met Maity on the way. They greeted then Otani arrived as well. Otani is ignored by Risa however until he disclosed Risa forcing a kiss on him. Maity becomes curious and questioned about it and Risa is left stucked in a tight situation. The two begins arguing and fighting over it again.

During lunch time, Risa revealed that she has given up and she is going for a new love target, Maity. Nobuko persistently object this idea. Later, a new club is opened and is dedicated to fans of Maity, and Risa seemed to be the founder of the new Maity fan club. The Maity fans with Risa are cheering like cheerleaders for their sensei. Nobuko, anti-Maity-craze movement screamed at Otani, wanting him to apologize and get Risa back thus abandoning the fan club idea.

It’s about time for extra club activity, Otani is with Risa in class alone. They conversed and Otani apologized. Risa continued and asked the purpose of it, is for forgetting the kiss or not seeing her as a girl no matter how hard she try. Otani is still unsure, Risa shuts the down from behind and left. Moments later, unexpectedly Otani did not chased out which made Risa very upset and she cried in the arms of Maity whom he met on the corridor.

In basketball club, the coach is on medical leave and Maity took over. Maity and Otani is set to compete in basketball. As usual, the cheerleaders are cheering by the side. Risa’s enthusiastic to support Maity has dull all of sudden due to the fact that Otani is losing miserably to Maity.

The club activity is over, Maity met Otani and asked how he felt about Risa and teased him, that is it acceptable if Maity get her himself. To shuffle him off, Otani directly uttered that he had no feelings for Risa. The episode ends with Risa overhearing them from behind.

Screenshot of the episode

“Umibōzu went M.I.A today. Bunnies took over the job.”

Please take note that I will be writing more briefly on the summary part for anime reviews. I’m beginning to feel it’s deja vu these few episodes. Ep 14 and 15 is quite short due to the amount of flash back scenes used, especially the kissing scene. I wonder what more is left to show, without getting weary. Hopefully, they go on some trip or hiking adventure that they can have some dispute in mistakes they do. It is getting weary to watch their daily routine studying in class then going for club activity. What will happen in next episode’s Maity’s Magic! The Transforming Patterns of Love?!

Episode Rating: Ratings

Don’t worry, Tooth-Fairy will be here tonight to get the broken tooth.

Click here to download this episode at KissSub download page. (You need Bittorrent client to download)

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  1. Brian said,

    I am sooooo falling back on this show…

    I STILL have my review of ep 12 where all it says is “Check back later.” LOL

  2. may said,

    وااااااااااااااو شيئ رائع ، الى الامام

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