July 24, 2007

Philippino Inmates Do “Thriller”

Posted in Fun Stuff, Internet, Music Video, Parody, Pranks, Zombie at 6:04 pm by anonymous

Wtf?! Inmates (Prisoners) in Philippines practicing Michael Jackson’s Thriller in Jail. And that girl is a guy. It’s not punishment and rountine, it’s a teaser. What is the prison trying to promote, encouraging people to get into jails? lol?

Philippino Inmates Do “Thriller” video:


  1. Lorraine said,

    i don’t think they’re trying to encourage people to get into jail…they just probably want to show that those people can have something else to do even if they’re in prison…

  2. Usagi said,

    a substitute for their exercise routine maybe? hehe…

    btw, it’s “Filipino” not “Philippino”… :3

    ja ne. (^_^)b

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