July 26, 2007

Claymore – 17

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Claymore episode 17
The Witch’s Maw – III

Galatea fought against Dauf while Clare rushed to find Jeane. Poor Jeane still entangled with ropes, pleaded for her death knowing she’s awakened. She has transformed into a Butterfly-looking awaken. Clare caught Jeane in her arms and managed to pull her back from her awakened form. After being half-awakened but still able to sustain a human form. Jeane introduces herself, telling Clare her name.

When Galatea can no longer sustain the fight with her injury, Clare and Jeane came to the rescue. Both drilled their way through the ceiling to get to her. Shortly, Galatea managed to stand on her feet, recouping from her injury, she came out with a plan. The plan is to try to pin Dauf’s both arms by Galatea and Clare, while Jeane pierce her claymore into his throat.

Galatea and Clare rushed forward and striked Dauf in almost all areas to split his concentration. When distracted, Galatea’s Yoki control is usable again. They continue to distract Dauf while Jeane twisted her arms 21 times and when released she can cause a drilling effect with her claymore inflicting critical damage.

When they managed to pin Dauf down, Galatea call out to Jeane for the attack. Soon after, Dauf caught hold of Galatea and Clare, slamming them onto each other. Jeane dashed forward striking with her Drilling Arm-sword. Dauf tried to stop her with his palm but her Drilling Sword drilled devastatingly through his palm. Dauf retaliate with another arm, sending her crushing to the ground.

The first attempt failed to kill Dauf, and they go for a second time. Clare plead that she will clear a path for Jeane to attack this time. Using her Flash Sword, she blocked all the pole shots by Dauf. Jeane grabbed the opportunity and rushed for an attack. Clare concentrate striking and blocking spaces outside Jeane and successfully drilled Dauf’s throat. Dauf collapsed and Jeane jumped for another final attack however, Riful intercepted and send her to the ground. Soon after, Clare swings down and striked Riful down on her skull but it was no use. Ultimately, Riful transformed into her true form and pulverized the whole castle from inside-out.

Clare managed to strike her once this time, and keeping her word, Riful revealed information about the awaken in the north. Riful told them she will be waiting for them if they want to join her to fight against awakens in the north. Apparently, that is the only way to gain victory. After that, she disappears into the sky.

Returning to Galatea’s main mission to take Clare back to the organization but Clare refused since she had other objective in mind. Galatea threatened to bring Clare even by killing her but Jeane defended, and decided to use her life for Clare as she was her saviour. Galatea let off a smile and let them off as she warns them to stay away from dwellers/abyss. She don’t know she will be their friend or foe when they meet again.

At the same time, four Claymores met a group of awakens in the north and two of them were killed instantly.

Screenshots of the episode

“The Best Screenshot Award.”

“One litre of tears.”

“This is for Galatea fans…”

This episode’s scene is still darker than black. lol. This episode finished off this arc and seems to brought out the main storyline of Claymore in next ep. They will be fighting some titans in the north (not from age of mythology?) soon. Overall I think this arc is consider good for the fact that ep 15, 16, 17, all included necessities in each episode (no dragging, no fillers). However up till now, I still think Teresa and Ophelia arc are still more interesting.

Regarding skills, Jeane’s Drilling Sword requires her to stand motionless while she corkscrew her arms. SoOO unsafe. Easily dodge-able and miss-able. I think Jeane should be placed at #10-20 instead. Galatea is WEAK WEAK WEAK! =p #3 and still cannot defeat Dauf (not even Riful standard). Raki has gone missing for a bit too long (did u totally forget him?), probably dead and eaten up by dogs somewhere. lmao. Comparing the design for all awakens, Jeane’s awaken form is definitely best drawn. For animation, Madhouse has gotten lazy so they made the whole screen black and so they only have to animate the slashing and cutting sparks.

Episode Rating: Ratings

Naga Starfish
Naga Starfish =p

DaufRock golem?

Click here to download this episode at Eclipse Production download page. (You need Bittorrent client to download)

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  1. Brian said,

    LOL you made a reference to One Litre of Tears

    Teresa’s generation of Claymores > Clare’s generation

    Next episode is gonna be HOT HOT HOT 8-)

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