July 30, 2007

Firefox Add-on: All-in-One Sidebar

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This award winning Firefox extension for Mozilla Firefox browser is called the All-in-One Sidebar. It integrates all the sidebar panels into one and makes switching between panels an easy task. It is easily accessible through vertical toolbar by the left-side of your browser. You can customize the toolbar by adding buttons.


  • Integrates all panels into one and display in a single sidebar (downloads, extensions, and other add-ons that uses panel)
  • The sidebar can also display url page like a tab
  • Collapsible vertical toolbar (toggling the switch button will collapses/show the sidebar)
  • Customizable vertical toolbar (you can add any button on it, flexible buttons size, adjustable position of toolbar)
  • Many other preferences can be set in options

All-in-One Sidebar ThumbnailAll-in-One Sidebar Thumbnail
Add-on and Downloads displayed in sidebar panel.

You can view Bookmarks, History, Page Source, Page Info, Error Console, and other extensions that use window/panel, in the sidebar panel. To view a list of add-ons without using sidebar, you can try EM Menu.

All-in-One Sidebar
Clicking on the switch toggles the sidebar and toolbar.

  • Left-click on the switch – opens/closes both the sidebar and toolbar.
  • Ctrl+Left-click or Middle click on the switch – opens/closes toolbar only.
  • Right-click on the switch – opens/closes sidebar only.

You can set autohide/autoshow in the options when mouse over the toolbar. Unfortunately, there is no options to set keyboard short-cuts for switch toggling.

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This extension is wonderful for making easy panel switching. Without it each functions may have its own floating window/panel that covers the web content. Another commendable feature is the ability to insert buttons and arrange them anyway you want on the vertical toolbar. If you need more buttons for your vertical toolbar, you can install Toolbar Buttons, it offers many functional buttons (restart browser, stop all tabs, toggle images, etc).

With this new vertical toolbar, I can un-clutter some of the buttons on my status bar. On the other hand, the options is quite complicated when the advanced mode is turned on. There are needless amount of available options and some hardly had any effect. You have to read, trial and error to fully understand each option.

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