July 31, 2007

Claymore Anime OST

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Claymore TV Animation O.S.T is here! All the background music. Maybe you need it to make Claymore 2? Quite surprising there are 34 tracks and not 4 tracks that play over and over again. haha.

Claymore OST

Claymore TV Animation O.S.T (July 25, 2007) Click me Click me

  1. 銀眼の魔女 (Ginme no Majo)
    Let me tell you what silver eyes being is, with this music.
  2. 大きな剣 (Ooki na Ken)
    They always play this when unknown Claymore has appeared. Is it #5 or #45 or Raki?
  3. 妖魔の掟 (Youma no Okite)
    This feels like mysterious clues and sinister aura within it.
  4. 砂漠と風 (Sabaku to Kaze)
    I don’t recall hearing this…sound like some arabian music.
  5. 斬り裂く者たち (Kirisaku Monotachi)
    First time meet up with a lousy awakened being.
  6. 恐ろしき布陣 (Osoroshiki Fujin)
    A formidable opponent has appeared.
  7. 微笑のテレサ (Bishou no Teresa)
    I loathe this music, they always play it directly when the show starts and showing Clare slay some yomas then enter a small town.
  8. 哀しき宿命 (Kanashiki Shukumei)
    End of mission, parting ways. Goodbye!
  9. 覚醒の鼓動 (Kakusei no Kodou)
    I LOVE this one.. hahaha. The gongs, drums, and short chant vocal bits. Feels like being in a deadly situation and all has fallen. I recall this music played when Priscilla awakens.
  10. 精悍なる闘い (Seikan Naru Tatakai)
    Start is similar to #7 (sound like Gokusen theme) but is when Claymore enters city to help slay some yomas.
  11. 神秘と深淵 (Shinpi to Shin’en)
    A sad moment after Teresa has died.
  12. 呼びかける記憶 (Yobikakeru Kioku)
    A grand city music.
  13. 北の地と白銀の王 (Kita no Chi to Hakugin no Ou)
    The ultimate sponsor song.
  14. 果てしなき旅路 (Hateshinaki Tabiji)
    A flashback about the past.
  15. 強靭な力 (Kyoujin na Chikara)
    Nice conversation with the bad guys. Maybe they can be friends?
  16. 荒野の落日 (Kouya no Rakujitsu)
    We are going to the mountains.. Hopefully there are banana trees!
  17. 心の傷跡 (Kokoro no Kizuato)
    I am loved! I am loveeed!
  18. 憧憬 (Shoukei)
    Did they play this yet?
  19. 街並み (Machinami)
    Moment of Peace, no mission at the time being. Rubel is being kind for a while.
  20. 田園と小川 (Den’en to Ogawa)
    Raki doing mischievous act.
  21. 美しき狩人たち (Utsushiki Kariudotachi)
    Angelic moment, some holy feeling.
  22. 妖しき者の宿命 (Youshiki Mono no Shukumei)
    Darn it. Town number 1 – 10 all have the same city music.
  23. 凶戦士 (Kusenshi)
    Engaging a battle with Number #1 Claymore!
  24. 覚醒への乱れ (Kakugo he no Midare)
    I think someone is craving for guts.
  25. 壮絶な死闘 (Souzetsu na Shitou)
    Claymore Jeane needs help and help is on the way.
  26. 選ばれし者 (Erabareshi Mono)
    Is this music played yet?
  27. 遥かな道程 (Haruka na Michinori)
    A joyful moment.
  28. 愛しさとぬくもり (Itoshisa to Nukumori)
    Recovering at Elena/Irene’s house. I feel so fortunate..
  29. 地平線の彼方 (Chiheisen no Kanata)
    Pure scottish instrument.
  30. 石造りの家並み (Ishidzukuri no Yanami)
    Nope this is not played yet.
  31. 人を想うこと (Hito wo Omou Koto)
    This is not played yet again.
  32. 深き森の中で (Fukaki Mori no Naka)
    This music feels lonely. Feels like living in a tree-house in a jungle..
  33. Raison d’etre (TV Sized)
    The opening theme song for Claymore.
  34. Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~ (TV Sized)
    The ending theme song for Claymore.

Thanks to NiceYear.


  1. Brian said,

    Love the OST.

    The TV-sized versions of the OP and ED both sound like they have no bass. o_O

  2. Brian said,

    and claymore 18 was win

    then again every episode is win before i even watch it, LOL

  3. cococokie said,

    no bass? i think got ah…you got the original tracks?

  4. Stephanie said,

    Totally love this anime, the fighting and songs rock just hate the guy character, love the 7 surviving girls after 7 years, get number 2 out now

  5. ovnysennin said,

    Thx for the ost

  6. ClayfanicA said,

    Okay, people…I do NOT, repeat, DO NOT want ANYONE to get the wrong impression of me. I am probably THE biggest Claymore-freakin’-obsessive out on the market to date, and I’ll tell you one of the reasons why.

    First, I’m a film-music composer, and love the art. I also love anything (call me a freakin’ nerd of six different shades, here) fantasy-faction-based! XD Okay, so that said, I saw Claymore, and was like @_@!!! Been hooked since then.

    As for the anime…yeah, yeah, so it’s got a shortened ending; whatever. It’s a pretty EPIC shortened ending, if you ask me XD! Anyway, on to the music…

    Everyone who reads this will, invariably, hate me. Do I care? I don’t. My musical opinion and taste is my own, and I’m not afraid to share it. Anyway, I LOATHE the ENTIRE Claymore OST. It sucks, and here’s why:

    I compose music for film. Generally, in a score, the music is thematic, but also fits the mood of the scene(s). While watching the anime/listening to the OST, I felt/heard NOTHING of that sort. It’s as if the composer (whatever his name is) just kind of…haphazardly threw together random samples and/or themes, and slapped them into the episodes “just to have a score!” I don’t buy that. Here’s why I don’t like it: in a score of the nature that would portray such elements as is being portrayed in Claymore, fluttery, lighthearted, almost “childish”-sounding orchestral movements; electronic; and heavy metal just don’t do ANY justice to it whatsoever! If I were Hans Zimmer composing a score for this series, it’d sound something more like Gladiator or King Arthur!

    My own musical opinion (and tastes) would dictate the following if I were to compose the score: the strings need to be dark, menacing; the brass long, low, and droning. There need to be percussion that causes tingles to run up the spine, and MORE than just one lone bombo drum and some bells; I’m talking ethnic war drums, people — pounding and ruthless during battle scenes! Perhaps a choir or a soloist, and, of course, cinematic themes for each of the important characters.

    AGAIN, people, this is coming from someone who has experience composing for motion picture. Just sayin’.

    • James said,

      Sometimes artists can be boxed in by standards created by genre’s…yes Hans Zimmer makes a desirable industry standard orchestral form of music, but every artist is different. I also create music for film, I felt the music was quite original and fit the moment. It did syncronize and give off that creepy yoma vibe! If you look around at reviews, many people actually enjoyed the soundtrack. I’ll just say that, I feel the show would have been a different show if the soundtrack was different. Just sayin’

  7. track numbers 9 and 22, what kind of music would they fall under if any?

  8. Rudy said,

    the cokies are all down.. could anyone upload them??

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