August 2, 2007

Claymore – 18

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Claymore episode 18
The War in the North – I

Awakened beings were travelling in the north. #7 Eva and her team were clueless of their intentions, and were extinguished in their way.

Clare moved on in search of Raki with Jeane persistently following her back. Meanwhile Rubel and Rafaela steps in, he warns Clare should she resist. Both were given a mission in the north right away. Rubel also tells her about Raki’s presence in the north and so she still have to go to the north-lands for either purposes.

When they arrived at the City of Pieta in the north-lands, many Claymores were already there. Out of a sudden, a familiar Claymore swings down her sword at Clare. Clare blocked and to found it’s Helen, an old friend from previous mission, alongside with Deneve. Jeane thrust her sword at Helen, to protect Clare as a faithful guardian. Deneve dashed forward and laid her sword on Jeane’s throat. Jeane twisted her arms a few times and stave off Deneve’s sword however soon found they were friends and they break off their blunt actions. They apologized and introduced themselves, while Helen is shocked to know the rank of #9 Jeane is a single-digit ranked, and still being together with a low ranked #47 Clare.

Before long, all Claymores are ordered to gather for mission briefing by Flora, ranked #8. Flora revealed that she is not the leader in charge. Meanwhile, another familiar face gracefully walked in from a distant. It was Miria, ranked #6. She gaved a short briefing and assigned 4 captains along with team members to each of the five teams. The impolite Undine, ranked #11 flaunted other Claymores to piss off if they did not have what it takes for the mission. Being attention seeking, Deneve mocked Undine’s physical muscular build and nearly had an arguement when Flora breaks it off with her WindCutter sword. Windcutter is a technique that draws and withdraws sword so fast that is is not visible, quite similar to Flash sword.

The mission will commence tomorrow, many Claymore settled down for the night. Four Claymores, Miria, Deneve, Helen, and Clare had a secret gathering. They crossed their sword again like before, and then Jeane intruded but was allowed to join them. They discussed about the mission and found out about their position as sacrificial objects for the organization, which needed more time to plan. And so they sent 24 Claymores to fend off awakened beings in the north to buy time for an aftermath.

Meanwhile, 3 awakened beings arrived at the city. One of them slingshot his long tentacles onto buildings and catapulted himself into the city, killing everyone he sees. As he nearly killed an innocent girl, Miria saved her from his attacks. Immediately, all Claymores gathered, 3 teams were sent to fight each awakened beings while 2 on stand-by assist.

In Flora’s team, all of the teammates were paralyzed and one of them body-controlled to attack their own comrades. Luckily, Clare is able to use Irene’s right arm to stop the situation.

Over at Jeane’s team, all except Jeane were killed in a short instant, leaving her injured for trying to save them. Veronica, ranked #13 rushed out to strike the awakened being that is fighting Jeane. Stand-by teams arrived to back Jeane. Immediately, the spider-alike awakened being attacks with his tentacles…

Screenshot of the episode

“Gotta catch-em-all! It’s Whippie-mon.”

This introductory episode is better than i expected, packed with more action and new characters than previous eps. Still the scene is quite dark. The episode introduced, #8 Flora, #11 Undine, many other unknown Claymores, and 3 awakened beings. The 3 awakened beings are Mr. Whippie-mon, Mr. Hobbit in cloak, Mr. Spidey-mon. Heh, almost all of the monsters in Claymores have multiple long tentacles. But still I’m quite fond of the Whippie-mon, quite stylish in the above pic, “Screenshot of the episode”. The new Claymore, Undine seemed pretty amusingly interesting, wonder why she had 2 swords and so muscular. Quite happy with the reunion of the four musketeers. Devene seemed to be stronger over time and Helen is revealed to have more personality. What is sooo strong about that cock-eyed Rafaela? =P

The thing I got disgusted is the seiyuu (voice-acter) of Flora!!! Omg, it seriously ruins it. Chibi/loli type of vocal is mismatch her look and also not suitable for dark fantasy animes. Besides, Flora’s Windcutter technique is very similar to Ilena/Irene’s Flash Sword. And I’m beginning to like Jeane better, mainly due to the following act on Clare and praised (“Very impressive”) her along the way. Ironically, a single-digit following the weakest warrior where-ever she goes?

Let’s pray for the next episode to be good…

Episode Rating: Ratings

#11 Undine

Random Pic:
#8 Flora
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Click here to download this episode at Eclipse Production download page. (You need Bittorrent client to download)

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  1. Teddy said,

    hahah…yah the voice actor for flora really..shocked me LOL.

  2. Brian said,

    I was hoping for Noto Mamiko to voice Flora. :-(

  3. cococokie said,

    her face look quite mature than when she opens her mouth…errkkkk…freaked out! wahaha…

  4. Brian said,

    i see you found that flora pic on animesuki as well, lol

    if only she looked that hot in the anime…

  5. Vilyamxg said,

    Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!

  6. cococokie said,

    it’s on…he paints claymore and soul calibur (<3) pics…

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