August 7, 2007

Manage your Desktop with Tweak UI

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Tweak UI is a free user interface customization program by Microsoft for Windows Xp desktop management. It tweaks settings on how the desktop/explorer behaves, as well as other useful settings. You might want to give it a try.

Tweak UI Thumbnail
Click on above image to view full.

Click here to download Tweak UI 2.10.

Tweak UI Settings:

  • General – sound, shadow, animation, menu settings
    • Focus – prevent application from stealing focus.
    • Alt+Tab – settings to control size of window when you press Alt+Tab.
  • Mouse – menu speed, and mouse sensitivity settings
    • Hover – control settings for mouse hover sensitivity.
    • Wheel – enable/disable scrolling using mouse wheel, and lines amount per scroll setting.
    • X-Mouse – enable/disable window focus type, when mouse over automatic focus window setting.
  • Explorer – showing of links and menu settings
    • Shortcut – shortcut icon overlay type setting.
    • Colors – compressed files, hot-tracking, encrypted files settings.
    • Thumbnails – image quality, thumbnail size settings.
    • Command Keys – shortcut keys for explorer, documents, internet explorer settings.
    • Customizations – folder to remember setting.
    • Slide Show – picture delay and interval setting.
  • Common Dialogs – auto-finish settings for edit boxes
    • Places Bar – default, hide, or custom place bar settings.
  • Taskbar and Start Menu – balloon tooltip settings
    • Grouping – settings to control grouping of applications on taskbar.
    • Start Menu – control visual of frequently used programs on start menu.
  • Desktop – show which icons on desktop
    • First Icon – choosing the first icon between ‘My Documents’ and ‘My Computer’. (Default is ‘My Documents’)
  • My Computer – show which icons on my computer folder

    • Drives – set usable drive letters.
    • Special Folders – assigning of default location folders for each special task. (CD burning, shared documents, etc)
    • AutoPlay – customization of autoplay for external harddisk.
      • Drives – set usable drive letters.
      • Types – enable/disable autoplay on which drive types. (removable drives, cd and dvd drives)
      • Handlers – create, edit, delete handlers after autoplay.
    • Drive Letters – settings on how drive letters should appear in ‘My Computer’.
  • Control Panel – settings to hide control panel icon extensions
  • Templates – which document type to create when using Right-Click > New menu
  • Internet Explorer – backslash conversion setting
    • Toolbar Background
    • Search
    • View Source
    • Small Animation
    • Large Animation
    • Image Toolbar
  • Command Prompt – auto filename completion setting for Command Prompt
  • Logon – showing of accounts setting
    • Autologon – enable/disable and set which account to autologon.
    • Unread Mail – enable/disable showing of unread mail on welcome screen.
    • Settings – copies animation settings for accounts
    • Screen Saver – grace period before showing login screen setting.
  • Access Control – switch between ‘Connect to registry remotely’ or ‘Access performance counters’
  • Repair – function to repair icons (all, font, music, pictures, videos, regedit, unread mail count)

Tweak UI is useful for tweaking settings which Windows Xp does not have functions/interface to tweak special settings especially inessential or minor ones.

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