August 8, 2007

Lovely Complex – 17

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Love Complex episode 17
The Fist of Love! Accept It, A Maiden’s Spirit!

It’s club activity time! Otani vs Maity sensei, and Otani appears to have improved over time. With Risa and Nobu watching them by the corner, Risa began to recall the past with Otani. Then suddenly Otani let out a “ahhh”, the ball went into the basket. Otani won the match (so quickly?) while naively bragged about it to Maity. Nobu starts to question Risa of their progress in her relationship with Otani, and from the answer it seems they are back to square one.

The Maity fanclub has been disband, since president Risa’s love for Maity has turned dull. The miserable members from Maity fanclub gathered and let off the news of Maity sensei’s fiancee.

The final basketball competition is here, Otani gathered his clubmates and planned on winning this competition. Shortly after, it ended and the usual gang (Risa, Nobu, Heikichi) is waiting outside for him. Instead of receiving the standard appreciation for waiting, Otani knocks Risa’s head with his fist as a greeting. Immediately, Risa took revenge and tripped him over, while they get playful with each other.

On the way home, Risa suggested on supporting Otani with her ‘Lemons in Soy Sauce’ dish. Next day arrived, the competition chart is out. Otani is overwhelmed by the fact that they have to face their first opponent which is last year’s champion holder.

Late at night, Risa made a cheering board made of a rather large cloth for that day. On that very day, Otani and team’s morale were crushed by the first opponent’s physical statue. All of them are very tall. After Risa found Otani to be depressed, she gave Otani some wakeup beating. Miraculously, they are all back on track and won the match.

After the match, Otani confessed that he is no good without Risa. However, Risa is asleep beside him…

Screenshot of the episode

“We’re from Lakers.”

Please take note that I will be cutting down on screenshots for Lovely Complex series reviews, from 30 to 24. This can lighten my work and my reviews will appear less lengthy. Thanks for leaving comments, I’ll try to finish Lovely Complex even if some episodes are dull and are like fillers.

The story of this episode is light hearted and seems to be going nowhere. The scene where Otani is thrown is quite exaggerated, it looked as if Otani can be thrown like a pillow. haha. And i must praised that the basketball competitor is freak-ass tall. Watch for next episode!

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Click here to download this episode at KissSub download page. (You need Bittorrent client to download)

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  1. Alfhia said,

    wow! thank you very much for those screenshots! pls. continue to blog Lovely Complex plss!! .. ^_^

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