August 9, 2007

Claymore – 19

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Claymore episode 19
The War in the North – II

Last week episode finished with the ‘turtle alike’ awakened being, attacking the Claymores. So in this episode, some Claymores were injured from the attack and so they had to fall back.

Undine and Flora dashed forward, and striked violently at the awakened being. It retaliate with its sharp tentacles, but both of them dodged. Striking their claymore on the side of the awakened being, but its body is too tough to cut through. Deneve and Clare leaped to attack again, however this time the awakened being jump to dodge their attack as well.

While in the awakened being is in the air, Undine charged forward. Surprised by the ability of the awakened being, it can control Undine’s Yoki directing her dual claymore at herself, placing them at her throat. Immediately, the swords sliced her, but was her cheeks, Undine forced the claymores out of place with her brutal strength. When they both reached the ground, Undine tried to strike it again but was countered and pinned down by its Yoki controlling power. Yet having pinned down, Undine struggled and used all her mighty strength to get up and deal multiple blow on the awakened being’s head. Shortly after, Undine is paralyzed again by the Yoki control and got pierced by multiple tentacles.

Trying to protect her comrades from the same attack, Undine yell at them and warns them not take a step. However, Clare did not hesitate and went forward, striking the awakened being madly. Deneve apologized and kicked Undine back to a further distance, safe from the awakened being’s attacks.

On Jeane’s team, she retrieved backup from Helen and comrades. Helen and comrades fend off the ‘bee alike’ awakened being’s attacks while Jeane twisted her arm 21 times, planning to deal a critical strike.

Clare and Deneve got paralyzed once again by the ‘turtle alike’ awakened being. To break off the hexing, both of them released their Yoki volunteerily to the point where they awakened.

Back at Jeane‘s team, Jeane managed to corkscrew her arm to the max. Cynthia and Veronica are defensive type warriors so they dedicate their body as meat-shields for Jeane to do a devastating blow. When Jeane finally managed to get to the awakened being, Jeane let off her twisted arm and spin her Claymore at furious speed, hacking off lower arms and legs of the awakened being. Helen also manage to extent her arms and hack off upper arms and legs. Finally, Cynthia and Veronica leaped and cut the ‘bee alike’ awakened being to pieces.

Back at Undine’s team, Clare and Deneve recovered from awakened form shortly after they just awakened. This shocked the ‘turtle alike’ awakened being, and Deneve slashed a deep cut on its head. Wanting to finish off the awakened being, Deneve jumped and tried to cut off its head. The awakened being countered and thrust off bits of flesh on both side of Deneve’s waist. With Deneve’s ability, she regenerate the missing flesh almost instantly. After that, she hew the head to an extent but wasn’t enough to cut off the tough head. Then suddenly, Undine appeared and together, they managed to sever its head.

Unexpectedly, even with its head cut off, the awakened being can still control Yoki from the distant, two comrades were forced to put their claymores at each other’s throat. Flora and Clare went straight at the head and minced it to small bits, saving the two comrades’ life.

At Miria‘s team, Miria effortlessly sliced off the head of the ‘whipping’ awakened being. After annihilation, they regathered for debriefing. Undine argued about the reckless strategy and walks off. All Claymores stay for the night for recuperation.

Raki appears to be in the north but is not able to find Clare but he met up with a guy and a girl named Priscilla whom he saved from falling brick chunks earlier.

Screenshots of the episode

“Never knew Deneve love turtle soup that much..”

I will say this episode is too short, squeezed too much stuff into one ep. What was madhouse thinking? This ep should be 1.5 ep instead, they squeezed many actions in 1 ep and for previous intro ep, they stretched it to fill the ep. Many parts from the manga wasn’t showed (I went to read the manga after i watched the anime). Characters hardly had any dialog when they were fighting. Miria battling team wasn’t showed more than 5 secs before Miria ended it with a single slash off the enemy.

Madhouse also went cheap on animation (repeating fighting animation), almost all warriors fight like they had Flash swords. The part where Helen and 3 other warriors, blocking off attacks from the “Bee” awakened being was so repetitive. Moreover, the 3 awakened beings all have skin made of iron, taking almost no damage when swords are swung at them many times. Only when they try to awake (power up like dragon-ball), then their swords can sink into flesh. I felt the author made all the Claymore characters interesting but he neglected the Yomas and Awakened Beings. All the baddies had almost the same ability (hard skin and tentacles)

They omitted Undine’s ultra muscle revelation. (The turtle-mon can manipulate her Yoki making her release more Yoki than she should)

Some of the badly animated scenes. Just for laughs!

Searchlights? Celebration with fireworks?
It must raining cutleries. Woohoo! Free utensils!! Look at Clare in the background, how many times she have to repeat the same attacks.
Wow, Deneve learnt Flash Sword as well.  

Some of the good animation scenes.

Despite all, they manage to do a good perspective animation for Clare’s sword swing. But after this swing it’s the searchlights animation. Undine uses her double sword style. I would say this is by far the best animated fights in this episode.

The best fighting scene would be among few warriors, not too many, and not solo (too longwinded, etg bleach). Nevertheless, the story part is still good. Raki has a new girlfriend now, he will forget Clare real soon. hahaha.. Next episode should be showing us Raki kidnapped, and Miria and Claymores moving on with the mission with heightened difficulty with Isley, that guards the north.

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Click here to download this episode at Eclipse Production download page. (You need Bittorrent client to download)

For alternative review, click here to go to Brian’s Claymore episode 19 review.

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  1. Brian said,

    Lots of people didn’t like this episode because of shoddy animation and fight scenes suffering from “all rook same” syndome. I dunno, I didn’t think negatively about any of that.

    If anything, a Claymore bias was a factor in my rating. =p

  2. Brian said,

    More comments:

    I also loved that scene you posted of Clare swinging the sword. Nicely done.

    I actually forgot most of the manga stuff they omitted because I was trying to watch this episode without trying to make manga comparisons every 5 seconds.

    And yea that is *spoiler*…A shame we already know who he is now since his manga appearance was done much better; I literally went “WTF?! Oh shit!!”

    Have you been reading the Claymore manga now?

  3. cococokie said,

    The sword swinging animation is like 3D fantasy style…I read up the manga after i watch the anime so i can see how different they are. I hate spoiling myself, tho waiting for each ep every week seems weary.

    I think we’ll be forced to read the manga soon after the anime ended, sian manga = no sound/no effects.

    Hey don’t read manga beforehand, read them afterhand xD

  4. Brian said,

    I still thought the scenes were animated nicely BUT I do agree that they didn’t come out as nicely as they could’ve.

    But think of it this way…if certain other studios tried to animate these same scenes, it would’ve looked 8923748 times as worse (yeah. I’m pointing at you Studio Pierrot and your low-calibre Bleach fillers)

    But +927839239397597359 points for posting those gifs. ^_^

  5. JustinStrife said,

    I’d like to see Kyo Animation(or whoever it was that did the second 2 seasons of FMP, Haruhi, and Kanon 2006) and what they could have done for Claymore.

  6. cococokie said,

    I’m very fond of Kyoto animation since Full metal panic fumoffu and second raid series. the lightning of second raid is the best i’ve seen so far.

    Yeah consider comparing with other actions anime i think claymore is far from good enough. claymore> naruto, bleach, shaman king, etc. d.grayman animation is quite good as well nonetheless d.grayman has more funds than claymore from what i can see, the music (takanori nishikawa is not cheap i suppose) and colors are all good.

    Hmm hope to see more of jeane personality..

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