August 15, 2007

sifow – Love Spell

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Love Spell is sifow‘s 2nd original studio album. If you like Nami Tamaki’s music, you might like sifow’s music as well, both has dance genre elements.


Love Spell (Auguest 15, 2007) Click me

  1. RULE
  2. Tokyo Love Night
  3. H3
  4. Carat
  5. love regrets
  6. 夏花火 (Natsu Hanabi)
  7. Ai-Ai-!!!
  8. i WILL
  9. YA-OMOTe
  10. いいのに・・・ (Ii no ni・・・)
  11. 夏花火 -よさこい ギャルdeなでしこver.- (Natsu Hanabi -Yosakoi Gal de Nadeshiko ver.-)
  12. CLAЯITY (Dank-One vs. Ovrer Remix)

Music video:
sifow – 夏花火 (Natsu Hanabi)


  1. Ren said,

    Um, I tried downloading it but winRar states I need a password when I unzip it….

    o.o May I have it? I want to listen so much >.<

  2. Ren said,

    nvm, finally got it ^^;

    Thanks for the album.

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