August 18, 2007

Claymore – 20

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Claymore episode 20
The War in the North – III

It’s been snowing everyday, Easley suggest the reason of Priscilla sticked closely to Raki is that he has the warm smell from the south which reminds her of her family whom was eaten by a Yoma. When a man riding a horse passes by and warns them of the Claymores that settled in the City of Pieta. Alerted by the news, Raki quickly forces Priscilla away and prepares to set off to the city. He was advised to travel with the both of them as Pieta is the same place they are heading towards. And so he was convinced to travel with them for Priscilla’s sake.

Soon, they set up a camp for the night. Easley questioned Raki about his purpose in Pieta and Raki revealed that he is searching for a Claymore named Clare. In order to have the ability to protect Clare, he needs to become strong which Easley asked if he had capability to achieve that. At the same time, Easley grabs Raki’s sword for some swordplay demostration. Seeing Easley’s incredible sword skills, Raki begged him to be his tutor.

Meanwhile at the City of Pieta, Claymores are resting and replenishing their strength. Some Claymores in Undine‘s team are discussing among each other, about the first fight against awakened beings and afraid of awakening thy-selves. Shortly, Undine left the room after expressing her antipathy in her teammate’s cowardice. Deneve calms her teammates down, telling them Undine captain is just as tense.

Deneve then went to the equipment room to get changed. She was alarmed by the noise in the inner room. Undine bawl out and warns Deneve not to come close to her as she is changing in that room. As Deneve noticed two of captain’s swords lying beside and starts to ask the different emblem in one of her swords. Undine claims she took it from a fallen comrade. Knowing the Claymore sword is used as a grave marker for dead Claymores. Deneve then recalls Undine holding it tightly using her dominant hand.

As she approach the inner room, Undine promptly barked at her to not come close and admonish her about their obligations as leader and subordinate. Deneve intruded neverthelessly and finds Undine crying and shivering in her true appearance. She bring up to her captain that being terrified of awakening is nothing to be ashamed of. She believe that Undine was once a feeble warrior who depends on her partner until she died. Undine starts to get angry at Deneve for imposing into her past until they were interrupted by Helen.

Deneve reveals herself from the inner room and quickly shuts the door behind her. To prevent Helen from discovering Undine, she wards off Helen by telling her that the inner room has nothing but livestock records. After Helen changed her attire and left, Deneve returns to Undine with her other sword and tells her of her story that her elder sister sacrificed to save her from a Yoma. For that reason, she became a Claymore seeking avenge for her sister. With stronger thoughts of surviving, and became a defensive warrior instead.

Deneve reminds Undine that her comrades can act as a support for her and that she can relieve a bit.

Meanwhile, Clare was called upon by Flora to a nearby site and was challenged. Flora knows about the same technique, which she recalls from Irene/Elena, former #2 that Clare is using and asked about it. Clare remains silent. At that point, Flora wanted to test her Windcutter against the Flash Sword for superiority, Jeane stepped in to stop her of the useless predicament.

Flora stated that she need trust to be fighting together, then Clare finally reveals she borrowed the arm from Irene/Elena and her reason to become a warrior is to take the head of an Awakened Being, Priscilla. She also revealed that Irene is hiding from the organization. Realizing the truth, Flora draws her sword and pledge to live and bear through the mission together.

Back at town, Undine return to the inn and apologized for earlier feud. Shortly that night, Helen spotted a Claymore crying on the steps of a dwelling so she threw an apple while she comforts her.

During that time, Easley brought Raki back from some tiring training. Soon proceed to meet his subordinate, Rigardo and ordered him to send an army of Awakened Being to storm-front the City of Pieta leaving no trace of life behind.

Screenshot of the episode

“Check out my new waterproof wrist band from Puma.”

This episode is essential for the story to progress and I’m quite affectionate of this episode.

1. More background story about Undine and Deneve, and Claymore isn’t all about fighting.

2. There is no need for Clare vs Flora (which is in the manga, it just just proves nothing, what they do is just self-appraisal)

Undine’s pretentious voice acting is immensely crude and barbaric. I have two thumbs up for the voice acting (seiyuu) of Undine, excellent job.

Before all that, for non-advanced-manga readers (inclusive of myself) must be having a big inquiry of what exactly happened to Priscilla.

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