August 20, 2007

Hins Cheung – Ardently Love

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酷爱 (Ardently Love) is Hins Cheung, Zhang Jing Xuan’s 2nd Cantopop album. The album was released on 16-8-2007.

Hins Cheung

酷爱 (Ardently Love) (August 16, 2007) Click me

  1. 酷爱 (Ku Ai)
  2. 追风筝的孩子 (Zhui Feng Zheng De Hai Zi)
  3. 迷失表参道 (Mi Shi Biao Can Dao)
  4. 感情用事 (Gan Qing Yong Shi)
  5. 男孩最痛 (Nan Hai Zui Tong)
  6. 我的天 (Wo De Tian)
  7. 悔过诗 (Hai Guo Shi)
  8. 悲剧人物 (Bei Ju Ren Wu)
  9. 遥吻 (Yao Wen)
  10. 放榜 (Fang Bang)

Music video:
Hins Cheung – 酷爱

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  1. phuong said,

    This song is really cool !!! Hins is one of the best singer of HK

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