August 21, 2007

Lovely Complex – 19

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Love Complex episode 19
Sudden Downturn!! The First Date is the Beginning of Misfortune

In the previous episode, it was Risa’s birthday. She received two gifts from Otani, a necklace and a kiss (the best gift).

It’s summer season and time for the both comedian, Risa and Otani, to return to school for their summer extra classes. Risa returns to class and they greeted one another. Otani is stunned that Risa wore his birthday gift, the necklace to school. Shortly after, Nobu and Chiharu arrived and finds Risa with her new necklace. Nobu begins to ask about its origin, Risa hesitated due to the tense pressure by Otani and told her it’s god’s gift.

Immediately Risa is pulled outside by Otani who had something to discuss with her. Risa frankly told him he wish to tell everyone about their relationship. And so Otani had no choice but to return to class with his fingers crossed. While Otani and Risa heads back to class, both of them were utterly shocked to find Nobu and friends were secretively eavesdropping what they said earlier in a corner.

When class ended, Otani is pestered and tried to explain that nothing happened then heads off to avoid that topic. However, Risa confessed the happenings on her birthday to Nobu when questioned.

Risa appeared to be more joyous then before while Otani and her walked home together. Otani unexpectedly dates her out. They took a break at a drinks cafe, abruptly Otani hands Risa the ticket to World Athletics Championships which got her excited. However, Otani grasped the ticket back as he wanted to safe-keep it for her.

Suddenly, someone called out to Risa from behind. The stranger was revealed to be Risa’s friend from middle school. The middle school friend of Risa unexpectedly asked if Otani is her boyfriend but Risa suggested that they were just normal friends. Her friend also spout that Risa would not like a guy who is shorter than her. Otani is instantly irritated by the Risa’s reference. Otani wants Risa to know they are in a couple relationship but he spoked halfway then gave up and headed home.

It’s the day of the Championships, Risa arrived late and received some scoldings. Moreover, she totally forgotten about her handbag and so Otani had to treat her later.

They quickly rushed to find their seats but on the way, Otani is knocked over by three mean womens. Otani complained that his finger is hurt by their handbags. Risa was quick to become depressed upon realizing she did not bring her handbag when reaching for her band-aids.

Upon hearing the clamour from the crowds, they rushed to see the athletes. Halfway through the event, Otani asked Risa go over to the under-passage. Otani comforted her that there is nothing to be sad about for forgetting to bring her handbag. He also clarify that he wouldn’t kiss someone that is just a friend. Hinted about their relationship, tears began to blur Risa’s eyes who wholeheartedly gave her heart to Otani. Otani concedes and hands his handkerchief while telling her not to cry then walks up the stairs. During that time, Risa clutch his wrist and confessed her love for him many times (this part is funny =P). Otani turned embarrassed and tried to parry from reacting. When Risa asked if Otani loves her, Otani nods to assent her confession.

Suddenly, a roar of appraisal can be heard from the whole stadium. Then the both of them realized that they are being focused on-screen by the stadium cameras. Immensely embarrassed, they ran off to hide themselves.

Both arrived at the toilet to catch some breath, Otani laughs at Risa for saying all the embarrassing words. Risa admits that she was too happy to not express it. The both of them were thirsty, and Otani ordered Risa to get her some juice as an obligation.

As Risa blissfully heads for the drinks vending machine for some refreshments. Otani met her ex-girlfriend during that moment. Risa returned as she found Otani conversing with her ex-girlfriend, she cried and runs off. Accidentally, Risa hurt her foot and was soon aided by Otani’s ex-girlfriend.

Risa is a happy girl again when Otani tells his ex-girlfriend that Risa is her girlfriend and acknowledged her dressing efforts. They farewelled to the ex-girlfriend and heads home together.

On the way, Otani met his young neighbour, Mimi, who was there with her father. Surprised after hearing Risa is Otani’s new girlfriend, Mimi turned jealous and infuriated (there is fire aura around her, lol).

Screenshot of the episode

“I thought we are heading for the Stadium and not the Fish Market?”

Yes yes, i know i haven’t blogged about ep 18, give me some time alright. ;)

This episode blew me away!! Full 10 stars for this episode. I hardly come across an anime that gives such great impact of emotions (mix of different emotions, can be shocking, funny, happy, and sad at the same time.). It’s just extremely impulsive that Risa confessed many times (like 10 times? funny) and forcefully asked if Otani loves her. Poor Risa must have dry eyes from crying that much. GREAT JOB voice actor of Risa!

Did you noticed a mistake the production studio made?; since their confessions were put on-screen, everyone in the stadium will know about it. Apparently, Otani’s ex-girlfriend is still unfamiliar about their relation.

Watch out for next episode! In the preview of next episode, the new character (Mimi, neighbour of Otani) appears to be mentally torturing Risa for a while.

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Click here to download this episode at KissSub download page. (You need Bittorrent client to download)

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    awwwwwwwwwwwww quieroo mas de esa seriieeee u.u
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  2. sirenap said,

    jajajaja que buena esta esta serie se las recomiedo auque es muy similar a la de bokura ga ita tambien se las recomiendo

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