August 23, 2007

Claymore – 21

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Claymore episode 21
Invasion of Pieta – I

Unaware of the invasion that is about to happen, Raki follows Easley and Priscilla towards the Pieta city. Rigardo is summoned to invade the city with his full manpower of 27 Awakened Beings.

All five Claymore teams are prepared to engage the awaiting tough battle. The army of Awakened Beings invaded the city and took several Claymore by surprise. Five Claymores were tore into pieces before they can act. With some planning and organizing, they managed to kill three of their enemies regardlessly. Outside of the city, Rigardo realized that it took too long for them to wipe out the city, as he expects all the Claymores to be weaker than his subordinates. He then heads to the city, attempting to accelerate his objective.

During that time, Raki finds Priscilla missing and goes to look for her. On the way, he sees a women tripped over while screaming at the sight of a monster and hurried off. He then finds Priscilla’s mantle on the ground and traced the footprints to a nearby cave. Inside, he finds Priscilla beside a campfire feasing on a man’s corpse. He starts to figure out that Priscilla is a Yoma, which he encounters in the past with Clare. He raised his sword in attempt to kill her but after hearing Priscilla’s grieving cry, he was held back. As he back away, he bump into Easley who just arrived. Easley covered Priscilla with the mantle and revealed Priscilla’s true nature, an Awakened Being. Raki then hugged Priscilla from behind as he desperately tries to stop her from consuming the body.

Meanwhile, the fight at Pieta stopped and all Awakened Beings fled when they heard a roar from the mountains. Rigardo appeared moments after and declared that he can no longer lose any of this force then he awakens.

Miria instantly recognizes Rigardo as the Silver-eyed Lion King. Before anyone can act, Rigardo tears Veronica into two. In another split second, Rigardo appeared behind Undine and striked her from top down. After some resistance, both of her arms dismembered (omg calm down people) then she was also sliced apart. As the situation becomes critical, Jeane discovered that Rigardo is targeting team leaders and command Clare to protect Flora. She then managed to corkscrew her arms and send her attack at Rigardo. However she misses and Rigardo pieced through her chest with his claws. Clare instantly burst into anger and charged at Rigardo but was knocked aside. After Jeane was laid, Rigardo reappears in front of Flora and thrust his finger into her forehead and slashed her with his talons.

Now four team leaders are presume dead, Rigardo roar with fury.

Screenshot of the episode

“Woots! Finger of Death!”

“The zookeepers”

What is Priscilla eating, it seems delicious. haha. I wonder; if Rigardo’s attacks are so powerful in a single strike which took Undine apart quite easily. But why Jeane is able to take so many hits from that wolverine. lol? The production studio overused Jeane’s drilling fork and it looked as if she will use that attack on every cute Yoma she encounters. It is never worse than Flora, who died before she even knew it. I think Undine is an interesting character, I hope she survive from the attack. It’s such a waste if she died without accomplishing her vow to get stronger with her double sword.

If you awakened, you get powers 10 times better and you can still remain as emotional humans. I suggest everyone just awaken. Would it make much difference? Since Awakened Beings (Rigardo, Easley, Riful, etc) can transform into humans/monster as they wish and they have no mind barrier. Just that awakened beings have urge for guts. The world will be a better place, no fights, no deaths, every awakened gets their share. lmao.

I think they could just remove the Raki character totally. He’s not important, less screen time, shallow objective, i could name a couple more but I think let’s not waste time on him.

Finally, the graphics and conclusions; the red Yoki atmosphere is pleasant to watch since it brightens the scene. Great episode, many actions and there are casualties (something popular Bleach series never had up until now). From how Priscilla is portrayed, I doubt there will be second season. Let’s see how things turn out in next episode.

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Random Pic:
Big Head Clare
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Click here to download this episode at Eclipse Production download page. (You need Bittorrent client to download)

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  1. Brian said,

    Rigardo is that dude…

    Makes you wonder about Easley’s power level (no DBZ)

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