August 24, 2007

Kym Jin Sha – Unbelievable Best Selection

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不可思议金选 (Unbelievable Best Selection) is Kym Jin Sha‘s 1st compilation album. The album was released on 20-3-2007.

Kym Jin Sha

Kym Jin Sha

不可思议金选 (Unbelievable Best Selection) (March 20, 2007) Click me

  1. 不可思議 (Bu Ke Si Yi)
  2. 被風吹過的夏天 feat. Lin Jun Jie (Bei Feng Chui Guo De Xia Tian)
  3. WU LA LA (Mi Shi Biao Can Dao)
  4. 空氣 (Kong Qi)
  5. 笨蛋 (Ben Dan)
  6. 停電 (Ting Dian)
  7. 剎那間 (Cha Na Jian)
  8. 分手暫時不快樂 (Fen Shou Zan Shi Bu Kuai Le)
  9. 平行線 (Ping Xing Xian)
  10. All About You
  11. 亞森羅蘋 (Ya Sen Luo Pin)
  12. 第三滴眼淚 (Di San Di Yan Lei)
  13. 委屈 (Wei Qu)
  14. 雪絨花 (Xue Rong Hua)

Music video:
Kym Jin Sha – 平行綫



  1. lucas said,

    jin sha…
    u r a wonderful gur…
    u hv nice voice n beauty face…
    i m sure everyone like u when they c u…
    happy new year o…

  2. Lei said,

    wer can I find song hao hai pa?

    thanks.. Happy New Year!

  3. cococokie said,

    It’s here:

  4. Leo said,

    May I know where can i download the whole CD?
    email me…

  5. cococokie said,

    u see the cookie (beside the release date) in the above post? click on it.

  6. hawar said,

    احبك من كل اعماقي

  7. suongrong said,

    she’s very beatiful and sing very good

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