August 28, 2007

Cute Panda cub’s growth

Posted in Fun Stuff, Internet, Photos at 3:14 pm by anonymous

I stumbled upon photos of Panda in its initial 3 months of infant. This is extremely cute!! ^______^ More cute pics after the jump.

Via Patrick Crosley and Spluch



  1. Mariana said,

    Aww cute pandas

  2. fgfg said,

    AWWW THAT wassss sooooooo cute pictures! >.<

  3. cris said,

    That’s really cute. I love it.

  4. Jamezu said,

    That is soooo cute!!!! and this site is great, that made my day n_n

  5. charlz said,

    I am doing a project on pandas and these r the cutest pics Ive seen!

  6. pooopii said,

    I love the panda pictures!! It’s soooo adorable! awwwhhhhh! : D

    *sigh* hmmm…I wish I had a panda!

  7. Pipopa said,

    That’s too sweet

  8. janice1623 said,

    woww wowww woooowww….
    cutie panda.. i love them all :)

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  10. raani said,


  11. mai said,

    aw.. how cute..

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  13. purple angel said,

    what a cute panda…!!!

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