August 28, 2007

Hide and Lock Your Files with Hide Folders XP

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Hide Folders XP is a free and compact software by FSPro Labs, it can protect your private files and folders. The program does not need to launch at startup in order to protect your files. It can protect your files even in safe mode.

Hide Folders XP


  1. Hide your files/folders (The file/folder can still be opened or written as long as you know the directory path to your hidden file/folder)
  2. Lock your files/folders (By locking it, it is inaccessible and unwritable)
  3. Hide and Lock your files/folders (If you hide and lock, your file is not visible and also inaccessible and unwritable. Even if you run it from an absolute path, the user gets “Access is denied.” warning)

Hide Folders XP Settings

Hide Folders XP Settings

I have been using this handy compact program to hide and lock my private documents for a few years and I fully recommend it. It is excellent that there is no need for this Hide Folders XP to run during startup for it to protect your files, and thus consume little to no memory ram process. It can also protect your files in safe mode. Moreover, it can hide auto-startup programs from view and still allowing it to run which is ideal to strict unauthorized user from messing with the hidden program.

When you checked on “Enable strict password policy“, users attempting to open this program will have to input your specified password in order to unlock or unhide your files. It cannot be uninstalled without a password as well.

On the other hand, if you want to tweak some system options (deleting a windows user account or installing other programs that may conflict), you have to turn off the program during tweaking/installation or the system is unable to make the changes thus resulting in an auto-restart/crash.

Note: Turn off and uninstall Hide Folders XP before you reformat your pc.

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  1. Salman said,

    Good Software how to hide & lock folder.But, there are plenty of other easier methods.

    I found some here How to hide and Un Hide Folders & Files

    Try this method once!

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