August 31, 2007

Claymore – 22

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Claymore episode 22
Invasion of Pieta – II

Priscilla has stopped eating and the blood on her mouth makes it bitter for Raki to look at. When Raki stands, she hugged his thighs as if to make him stay.

Back at Pieta city, all Captains but Miria was killed. Clare was furious that she plead of killing Rigardo. Rigardo penetrates Clare, Deneve, and Helen instantly to get to Miria. When he points his talons at Miria, Helen extended her arm to strike him but misses. Thereafter, Deneve and Clare charges and tried taking on Rigardo together but they failed and both was slashed on their shoulders by him. When all three of them landed on ground, Deneve and Clare managed to dodge as Ligardo shoots out his extended claws.

Meanwhile, Priscilla fell asleep on Raki’s lap when Easley returns with a bundle of firewoods. Easley plead Raki to stay with her or she will be upset. Easley explained and answered some of his questions then tell them rest well and heads off.

As Ligardo lectures them of the worthless blind charging attacks, Miria appears behind him and swings her Claymore at him. Ligardo jumps and dodges while he counterattacks in the mid-air. Ligardo soon learns of Miria’s ability and both of them engaged each other. Abruptly, Clare charges and Ligardo moves behind her while he shoots his claws at Clare and eventually injures Deneve who is behind her.

Helen quickly rush to Deneve but Deneve feels she should worry more about Miria and Clare who is fighting Ligardo. After Helen then return to join others in the fight, Helen remembers what she told Undine before and starts to cry about how impotent she was, when she is unable to even land a slash on Ligardo for her avengement.

During that moment, Raki and others decides to set off towards Pieta city but they are warned by two bypassers of the dangers ahead. When Raki hears of the involvement of the lowest ranked Claymore in Pieta city, he realized Clare might by there. Priscilla tries to stop him from moving on by holding his hands, however Raki apologized to them both as he did not want to lose anyone anymore. He then rides his horse and rushes towards the city.

The battle continues as Miria is starting to kneel within her limits, Helen and Clare tries to intercept to protect her but was knocked aside. Clare persistence only proves to be futile as she continues to charge head-on. When Ligardo is attending to Clares attacks, Miria appeared behind him to strike him but she was immediately punctured all over by all of his extended claws. Ligardo knew she is near her limit and unable to dodge anymore.

Ligardo wants to end this battle and decides to dismantle Miria’s head at the point where she is severely injured. Clare forced herself to rush towards them as Ligardo prepares to deal a final blow. Thereupon she realize how slow her legs are and wished she could be faster, to save Miria. In a glance, Clare miraculously reached them and chops off Ligardo’s arm. Clare’s monstrous look no longer had a look of a human.

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I like how they animate Clare, at the moment she tries to save Miria from her execution. (how her shoulders sway as she runs) What irritates me quite a bit is the switching between scenes, nevertheless it is never worse than Naruto (the fight between Kakashi’s team against Itachi, and Gai’s team against Kisame). Do you feel the flashbacks are quite meaninglessly to keep repeating? The part on Deneve crying is a little dramatic, damn Undine should survive instead of Jeane!! zzz. As next episode should wander away from the manga storyline, my predictions is that Raki may meet Clare in the end.

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  1. Brian said,

    I also felt the back-and-forth between Raki and Clare was a bit distracting.

    The scene of Clare running to Miria was the best in this episode. They did a really good job conveying the mood.

  2. cococokie said,

    yea, furthermore Raki scene is dull like filler which is useless. zz
    the eye of clare glows too much…haha

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