September 9, 2007

Claymore – 23

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Claymore episode 23
Critical Limit – I

Update soon.

Screenshot of the episode

“I like this shot’s sparks effect.”

The graphic quality of this episode has tumbled very much worse than the scene at The Witch’s Maw. The flash sword effect is used so often as overlay of net wiring over the scenes (they want to catch flies?). Extremely poor quality in fighting animation that seem more like watching darts flying all over when Madhouse tried to make it seem like Rigardo and Clare has increased their movement speed. Clare’s face is pretty much distorted throughout the this episode (no makeups today?).

This ep appears to show an endless brawl between Clare and the lion king, fighting for too long, what’s worse they added more Raki scenes and more Raki’s kissing flash back (yay more draggness). It’s quite amusing to realize that Easley and Priscilla happily rode their ponies while so much fighting occurred at Pieta. lmao.

Helen plays chameleon slingshot and captures Rigardo’s arm reminds me of Ophelia T_T.

I wondered how can Clare defeat Rigardo even if she awakens 3/4, being a #47 warrior. Rigardo was once #2 male Claymore, moreover he is fully awakened. Starting ep 25, it should be totally different than the manga storyline, Claymore is still great after this arc and if there is Season 2 I’m sure it still hold enough passion for everyone to continue watching. You can go to OneManga to read the manga/comic online if you haven’t.

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Clare vs Rigardo
Clare vs Rigardo
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Click here to download this episode at Eclipse Production download page. (You need Bittorrent client to download)

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  1. Michela said,

    halu, im michela. from philippines.
    im really an avid fan of “CLAYMORE”
    i like it a lot. hoping guys u will download more pictures of them especially my idola “Teresa of the Faint Smile” & “Claire”
    please. thnk u soOo much.
    luV u.

  2. nu yee said,

    i would like to agree with everything that you have said.

  3. jOnas WeirdO said,


  4. Aaron said,

    “I wondered how can Clare defeat Rigardo even if she awakens 3/4, being a #47 warrior. Rigardo was once #2 male Claymore, moreover he is fully awakened.”

    I think the episode displays Clare’s willpower. She was determined not to end her life right there and then and to fight for her cause, Irene’s, and Ophelia’s. Ultimately, it was to kill Priscilla which made her major motivation not to lose in any battle.

    With her dialogue, you’ll noticed that she keeps on saying to herself “Faster, faster” or “Still not enough…more.” It’s her WILL power that made her defeated Rigardo and even almost killed Priscilla for that matter.

    One thing though to add, the anime completely ruin the manga’s story plot. I supposed there will be no Season 2. Lucky enough if the Anime can create a story plot that will connect convincingly to the manga.

  5. Eupackardia Calleta said,

    The anime’s scenario is not well adapted from what the manga offers.
    The anime has many …. flaws (such a raki crying omg all the time and the ending of season 1) … and have many scenario failures which makes a good potential story…. sometimes hard to watch – or omg too long. At least the manga is good. Either way, Claymore is cool. The original story always owns (this case being the manga) and WTB Claymore chapter 84!!

    (Go read the manga if ya want to know the follow up of the *real story/plot*)


  6. jOnas WeirdO said,

    The manga is better!

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