July 21, 2007

Rose & Camellia Slapping Game

Posted in Flash Game, Fun Stuff, Internet at 1:00 am by anonymous

Check out Rose & Camellia slapping game. This game is fun and addictive!! The objective is to defeat all the family women by slapping the hell out of them. lol! This require some technique to win, I can’t win the grunt-o-granny. I think she’s the last boss, 5th level on easy mode. There are different weak critical spots for each women, the 1st level is the cheeks, 2nd is near the ears, 3rd is the chin. Anyone discover the 4th and 5th?

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May 24, 2007

Line Rider: Super Mario Version

Posted in Animation, Flash Game, Fun Stuff, Internet at 4:46 pm by anonymous

Remember Line Rider, the flash game? shadon1nja modified and made Super Mario out of the Line Rider. I don’t recall how the rider can accelerate on flat ground since the last time I played it. Watch the video demonstration!

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