July 1, 2007

NANA 2 Live-action Movie

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The highly anticipated NANA 2 Movie is out with external english subtitles!

NANA 2 Live-action Movie

NANA 2 is the sequel to the Japanese movie NANA, an adaptation of the manga by Ai Yazawa, directed by Kentarô Ôtani.

Nana Komatsu is pregnant with her first child, but Nana Oosaki seems to be stroke by it, since it is not the child of her friend Nobu, but of TRAPNEST’s bassist Takumi. Both girls struggle through life, and try to keep their friendship from falling apart.

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May 9, 2007

Spiderman vs Sandman & Venom

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I’ve always catch the Spider-Man movie sequels, and after watching Spider-Man 3, I think it is better than the previous Spider-Man 1 and 2. Seeing many viewers saying “Disappointment” at imdb.com, having doubts that 3 may as good as previous 1 and 2, however it is still good.
Quite few hilarious scenes to mention:

*Spoilers – The part on the french restaurant manager is quite amusing, Peter Parker wanted to propose to Mary Jane and he ask of a favor from the manager to bring out the wine on a hand-signal command, with the wedding ring in the wine-glass. The manager repeatly tried to brought out the wine on mistaken hand-signals. haha

Another part is Peter Parker’s neighbour’s daughter. She awkwardly tries to get closer to Peter, finding chance to know him better. Doing senseless things like reopening her door to say goodbye just after she shuts the door. Humorous… – End of Spoilers*

Spider-Man 3

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